Why Indians love to use Kansa Metal in Literally Everything.

Why Indians love to use Kansa Metal in Literally Everything.

People who believe in Ayurveda know what role the three doshas play in the balance of a human body. Ayurveda believes that five elements are at the essence of the entire universe, both animated, as you and I, and non-animated, such as the planet we live on. These elements are; space, air; fire, water and earth, and within our bodies, they combine to create what we call the three doshas, qualities or energies that influence all our bodily functions;

 Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Understanding the essence of the three doshas.

Ayurveda also believes that the root cause of each health problem occurs when you dont have a healthy gut. Now that we know what matters the most to keep our body happy and healthy 

Let's find out which one thing will make your health bloom in every aspect possible.

Have you ever heard about "Kansa"? Kansa is an Indian Name for Bell Metal. It is a mixture of Bronze and copper. 

Copper reacts with meals that contain salt, lemon, or any sour food, so we cannot use it for cooking or eating as most households in India uses alot of citrus food in their diet. 

But Kansa is a particular metal That not only doesnt react with the food and gives you more health benefits than any other metal. So Ayurveda uses Kansa in all the therapeutic ways possible.

Ancient healing recommends cooking and eating your meal in Kansa utensils for sharpening your intellectual self. Looking at our rich and diverse culture and history, we know that worked like a



The 2 most important functions that Kansa provides are promoting healthy gut and immunity, indirectly improving your mood, and providing more energy. 


Kansa is also used as a Marma tool to massage and reduce muscle strain.


It also has Anti-Inflammatory properties, which will help you with symptoms of arthritis, lupus, autoimmune disorder, diabetes, etc. 


We covered the health part, but Kansa doesnt stop there. It also has some beauty benefits that will surely give you that radiant goddess-like skin you always wished for.


As we discussed, the Anti-Inflammatory properties present in the Kansa metal will help your skin calm, reduce redness, swelling, itching and make your skin radiant and glowing.

Like we heard in all those stories of Queens and princesses.


So all these things give us the idea that Kansa metal is used only in kitchenware, Marma and beauty equipment, but there's more to it.


Kansa is also considered the safest metal. 


Keeping water in Kansa utensils for more than 8 hours will improve the health benefit of water, purify it, and help keep it away from getting stale.


Kansa is also used as a bell to surround yourself with positivity and good vibes.

So its an all in all package.

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Author of the Blog: Dr.Ronak Naik


Expert Review By: Dr Smita Pankaj Naram


Co-Founder, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd