Know Everything About Hepatitis B and Save your Liver


Hepatitis means the inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis B is a severe viral infection that attacks the liver and can cause acute and chronic liver disease.  

Many people have no symptoms during the initial infection. Some develop a rapid onset of sickness with vomiting, yellowish skin, tiredness, dark urine, and abdominal pain. If you have a frequent mild fever, Fatigue, loss of appetite, joints or muscle pain, diarrhea, or constipation, immediately consult your doctor.  

What is the function of your liver?

The liver's primary function is to filter the blood from the digestive tract before passing it to the rest of the body. So the liver detoxifies the digestive toxins and metabolizes nutrients that we have absorbed in the blood.

If your liver works very well, then only you can get energy from your food.  Like chemical drugs or alcohol, the more toxins you take, the liver gets burdened and starts damaging.

Why does Hepatitis occur? 

Hepatitis occurs mainly because of three reasons: 

  1.  Virus attacks A, B, C, D, E – Hepatitis B & C are most common and do not show any symptoms for many years and finally lead to liver cirrhosis or liver failure. Some viral Hepatitis can spread through unhygienic food and contaminated water.

  2. Liver inflammations – Overconsumption of alcohol and or continuous use of chemical drugs cause inflammation in the liver and finally damages the liver.


  1. Autoimmune disease – Hyperactive immune attacks the liver functions and cause Hepatitis B & C   

According to Ayurveda, the wrong diet and lifestyle causes aggravation of heat (pitta) and air (Vata) doshas in the body.  These deranged doshas settle in the liver, impairing the nourishment to the liver and blood channels. The persistent impairment causes viral infections and hyperactive immune functions, leading to Hepatitis B, C, D, E, or A.

     How is Hepatitis B transmitted?

  • Hepatitis B & C can spread through blood transfusion, sexual contact with an infected person, or other body fluids such as saliva, semen, or vaginal secretions.  (A safe sex or safe blood transfusion can prevent such transmissions)
  • Mother to child – Pregnant women with hepatitis B can pass it to babies during childbirth.  (Vaccines available to prevent newborns from becoming infected).
  •  Viral Hepatitis can spread through unclean food and water too. 


What happens when Hepatitis becomes Worse?

As the liver continues to be damaged and scarred due to chronic infections, it may stop performing many of its normal functions.  It may stop cleaning harmful wastes, toxins, and drugs from the blood. It may also stop making enough of the proteins that your body needs to function correctly and lead to liver failure.  When the liver is badly damaged, several more symptoms can begin to appear, such as fluid build-up in the legs and stomach, itchy skin, chronic Fatigue, bleeding in the intestines, dark yellow urine, and dark stool.

 Liver failure with viral Hepatitis can also develop insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure within the liver, sensitivity to many medications, gallstones, etc.


How to Diagnose Hepatitis?

Bilirubin, SGPT, and SGOT - Symptoms such as Fatigue, body aching, dark urine, whitish discolored stool, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, yellow skin and eyes, unexplained weight loss, please check your bilirubin and SGPT and SGOT in the blood as there can be Hepatitis.  


Blood tests – helps monitor the viral load and liver health.


Liver Ultrasound – to check the structure of the liver and the amount of liver damage

Liver Biopsy – for chronic conditions, your doctor may suggest a liver biopsy for further analysis.


What are the treatment possibilities for  Hepatitis B?

Modern medicine offers treatments for reducing infections, improving immune functions, etc. But there are side effects such as kidney problems, abdominal pain, nausea, Fatigue, etc.


What is Ayushakti’s Natural Approach to treat Hepatitis B, C, D, E, A  and restore liver functions?

Ayushakti’s treatment plan combines a specific diet, herbal supplements, kitchen herbs, and Detox therapies.  This combination focuses on reversing infections, balances immune functions, and purifies the blood. It helps to promote normal liver functions, reduces inflammation, and restores the liver's regular structure.


How to prevent Hepatitis B infections

Naturally, you can prevent these infections by taking precautions like washing your hands before eating the food, drinking only pure water, and always eating warm and heated food when you eat at the restaurant. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce liver damages.  


Effective diet and home remedy to get rid of Hepatitis and restore Liver functions (link)


Proven effective Herbal Supplements work remarkably to relieve liver damage infections.

Ayurveda has amazing herbs such as Guduchi, Bhumi Amlaki, Kutki, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, which work as wonder remedies to control infections very quickly and improve liver functions.  

Herbal supplements



Livtone tablet

Two tablets each in the morning and evening

Its action as liver tonic effectively restores liver functions and remarkably reduces inflammations. Effective in bringing the bilirubin and SGOT, SGPT within a normal range. It also helps with the fatty liver.

Rejliv tablet

One tablet each in the morning and evening

fights hepatitis B & C viruses effectively. It also restores liver functions and repairs liver cells. 

Swasavin D-Vyro/Virofight

Two tablets each in the morning and evening

Balances immune functions


Two tablets at bedtime

Relieves toxins, improves appetite.

Detox therapies

In chronic liver damage and viral infections, along with healthy food plans and herbal supplements, detox therapies provide remarkable results.  Detox at Ayushakti focuses on removing toxins and inflammation by improving metabolism and balancing the hyperactive immune cells; thus, infections are reduced.  Finally, nourishing and rejuvenating herbs improve and strengthen the liver.  Thus restores normal liver functions and relieves the damages.


Powerful stories of restoring liver functions naturally with Ayushakti treatments

Hepatitis A with bilirubin counts 22 came under control within one year of Ayushakti treatment.

Ms. S (name changed) suffered from hepatitis A because of the infected food at a Restaurant, and she could not travel back to Italy. She had a fever, nausea, stomach pain, no appetite, and every day she was only becoming more and more yellow. Through a firm reference, she came to Ayushakti center. On testing in the laboratory, the bilirubin was 22, a clear sign of hepatitis A while the normal bilirubin count should be under Hepatitis A transfers through contaminated food and water. Also, it can transmit if you come in contact with the person who has it. It spreads very fast and can become dangerous if the right action is not taken.  

She has started taking Ayushakati’s Livtone and D-Vyro tablets six times a day.   Livetone renews the liver, and D-Vyro controls the infections very fast. She was on a stringent diet with mung soup and vegetables only.  Just in 20 days of this treatment, her bilirubin came down to 4. She continued the same routine for many months until she recovered fully.

Hepatitis B with a viral load of more than two lacs came under control with Ayushakti's detox plan

Dr. Z (name changed) came to Ayushakti 10 years ago.  He had hepatitis B, and the viral load was more than two lakhs.  The liver was still working well.  He had followed the liver detox program at Ayushakti clinic. Followed by a powerful rejuvenation program for the liver and immune system.  He also followed a diet and Ayushakti’s herbal supplements such as Rejuliv tablet, which renews the liver cells,  liver tone tablet that helps restore liver function and reduces SGPT and SGOT.  And D-Vyro, which is fighting the viruses.  

Every six months, his viral load kept on reducing, and after two years, he had no viruses in his blood. His liver function tests like SGOT, SGPT also came normal. Today it is seven years, he is out of this problem, and he started an Ayurvedic clinic in Germany, inspired by his results.

Ayushakti has observed a success rate of 50% in treating Hepatitis B cases for the past 33 years. Continuing the herbal supplements rejuliv, live tone, and D-Vyro for several months helped people restore the liver functions and retrieve its natural structure.  


Liver inflammation and damage were relieved and averted liver transplant.

Doctors said a liver transplant is the only solution for a three months old baby boy to live. But Ayushakti’s herbal treatment restored his liver functions fully without the transplant.  Liver inflammation is completely gone.  He is very active as a normal child and scoring good numbers in his studies as well.  Watch the incredible story of Adrian Christy.

Autoimmune Hepatitis got relieved with Ayushakti’s detox program

Brenton had autoimmune Hepatitis at the age of 16.  He was suffering from lethargy, weakness, yellow skin, itching all over the body.  At Ayushakti, he had done detox treatment for three consecutive years, and each year his autoimmune hepatitis symptoms reduced gradually. Today he is very energetic, with no signs of autoimmune and Hepatitis. He is still following the diet and herbal supplements to prevent viral infections.


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Author of the Blog: Dr. Rajeshri Mehta

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