Is Giloy not safe??




As per TOI website, the city doctors claim that they have found at least six patients with history of taking concoction of the herb ‘Giloy’.




As per the 3000 plus year-old research, published by the scientific community worldwide, including trials on human, in vivo (on mice) & scholarly articles - it is proven that Guduchi is protecting liver, reversing liver damage even in dose of 2 gm per kg body weight, which means if we eat 120 gm of giloy per day, it's not going to damage your liver or any organs. Plus, giloy is proven to be immuno modulator - which means it balances immune system naturally. If immunity is low, giloy can enhance it & in the case of hyper immunity, it can calm it down. This way it can never create a hyperactive immune response. We are concluding this based on a few cases.


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by scientists in the USA & Europe- Charles R Yates.



As per our experience, thousands of people suffering from autoimmune diseases, who took Herbal Compounds containing Guduchi, have recovered not only in autoimmune issues but they have also reversed their liver damage.


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Hardik Patel -


Link to our research published on autoimmune diseases-


All these people were treated with 90% success rate & herbal formulas were combined with Guduchi & other immunomodulation herbs.



This Guduchi should not be picked up from some neighborhood. In our medicines, we make sure we use alkaloids and active constituents to make sure we are using the right quality, hence branded Guduchi will never have any doubts of safety. So, people just picking it up from the garden is not a safe way of consuming herbs. You may not even know if it is real Guduchi or not.



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