3 Proven Easy Home Remedies help reverse PCOS

Natural Home remedies for PCOS

Following Home remedies are the easiest natural way to get some results.  There are lots of spices and herbs which has remarkable health benefits to reduce the size of the cyst or regulate the monthly cycle and hormones. 

If your menstrual cycle is not regular :

Ajwain                1 teaspoon

Dill seeds             1 teaspoon

Jaggery                 1 teaspoon

Soak all in a cup of water overnight.  Boil this mixture in the morning, filter, and drink on empty stomach.

PCOS causes weight gain, bloating.  Balance your hormones, reduce bloated tummy, waist, and hips with this powerful remedy 

     Barley Water                      1 glass

Boil 2 tablespoons of barley in 5 glasses of water. Bring it to 1 glass.  Divide this water into two portions.  Add the below herbs in one portion and drink.

Liquorice (yashtimadhu)        1 teaspoon  

Cumin (jeera)                            1 teaspoon

Ajowain                                       ¼ teaspoon 

Asafoetida (hing)                      1 pinch

Black salt                                    ½ teaspoon

Fennel (sauf)                             ½ teaspoon

Saraca India (ashok)                ½ teaspoon

Make the same mixture with the remaining half glass portion of the barley water and drink in the night before bedtime.

Do this daily for 3-6 months and experience the result.


Renuka beej balances hormones

 1 tsp. Renuka beej  (chaste berry)  powder with half a glass of water if taken daily, stimulates the pituitary gland and balancing hormones.

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