5 super DIY tips to Relieve Headache and Migraines

5 super DIY tips to Relieve Headache and Migraines

Home remedies are always beneficial for instant relief without any risk or side effects.  Here are eight proven home remedy tips that significantly help relieve your headache and Migraine attacks if taken regularly.


  1. CCF Tea to reduce heat & Acidity from the body

          Cumin  seed       powder         1 teaspoon

          Coriander seed powder         1 teaspoon

          Fennel seeds      powder         1 teaspoon

           Ghee   1 teaspoon

 Mix all in 1cup water, bring to a boil. Drink this tea with all powders, adding one teaspoon ghee, in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime.  It relieves heat, Acidity, and inflammations.


  1. Reduce persistent Migraines pain remarkably.

            Menthol 1 gm

            Thymol 1 gm

            Cinnamon oil ½ gm

            Wintergreen oil 50 gm

            Sesame oil 50 gm

Mix well and massage into the temples and forehead whenever needed.


  1. To remove toxins daily

One teaspoon of castor oil to be taken at night before bed with warm water or ginger tea. VACA detox - VACA OIL capsules 1-2 capsules at bedtime.  


  1. Migraine due to Sinus

 Mix Black pepper powder, dry ginger powder, and clove powder with enough water to make a paste.  Apply this paste on the painful areas 2-3 times a day


  1. Eat this mixture to relieve Sinus.

        Cinnamon powder ¼ teaspoon

        Dry ginger powder ¼ teaspoon

        Basil juice (preferably Indian basil) 1 tsp.

        Black pepper powder - one pinch

        Honey ½ - 1 teaspoon

Mix well to make a paste and eat two times a day or drink with warm water.


 Treat Headache naturally, get long-lasting relief and avoid the risk of painkillers! 


Avoid these foods to relieve Headache naturally 


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