How is Ayurvedic treatment beneficial for diabetes?

How is Ayurvedic treatment beneficial for diabetes?

As per the International Diabetes Federation, the number of people with diabetes in India is foreseen to rise to 70 million from 40 million by 2024-25. The Indian subcontinent is ordinarily called the diabetic center of the globe. Diabetes is an ailment in which body sugar level is high. This could be due to the defective function of an organ near the abdomen called the pancreas which creates a hormone called insulin which controls the body sugar, or due to inappropriate utilization of the sugar by the body.

An inactive lifestyle and toxic food habits are some of the major causative factors of the condition. If the disease is not handled correctly at the correct time it can cause severe complexities in the body. It is recognized as a silent killer. Since this disorder develops gradually, at the early stage indications are mild and are frequently ignored by people, hence, disclosure of diabetes and controlling diabetes becomes utmost essential.

Here are some common symptoms of diabetes:

  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Blurry eyesight
  • Skin diseases
  • Stress/anxiety/depression
  • Increased thirst
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Immoderate hunger pangs
  • High blood pressure & cholesterol
  • Injuries heal slowly
  • Erectile problems
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Repeated urination

Ayushakti’s “Diabetox” treatment program is determined from 34years of study in Ayushakti clinics universal to regulate high blood sugar and decrease or prevent difficulties of other bodily functions. Diabetox treatment involves only normal more profound remedial internal/external remedies methods along with proven powerful herbal medicines and diet plans.

Some of the Ayurvedic herbs for Diabetes:

Bitter Gourd -

Bitter gourd seeds should be crushed and the powder is to be taken twice every day with lukewarm water. The fresh juice obtained by crushing fresh bitter gourd is an exceptional cure. It works excellently when taken on an empty stomach.

Also, delicate leaves of Neem and Bilva are to be consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, in order to lessen the severity of your diabetic signs.

Fenugreek -

Fenugreek which is also known as methi is another natural herb that has many health advantages. Fenugreek has the relevant characteristic of diminishing the rate at which sugar is consumed from the stomach during the process of digestion; it also appears to be proficient in inciting the pancreatic cells to improve insulin production.

Cinnamon -

Cinnamon is remarkably popular in Chinese medication. It’s used as a medicine for the stomach, headaches, diarrhea, back disorders, and to improve blood circulation. It is helpful for a diabetic patient because it improves lower blood sugar levels. You can add a squeeze of cinnamon to soups to gain advantages of both soup and cinnamon.

Turmeric -

It’s challenging to leave out this special herb when you’re posting herbal remedies for diabetes, or for most other health obstacles. It benefits in remedying a cold and cough, combat acne, and is even shown to be efficient in preventing type 2 diabetes.

Lifestyle Alterations:

  • A balanced diet
  • Minimum 7 to 8 hours of sleep
  • No smoking & drinking
  • No junk & sugary food

Home Remedy for Diabetes:

  • Turmeric powder - 1 Tsp.
  • Amla (Gooseberry) (Emblic myrobalan powder) - 1 Tsp.


Mix well and drink water in the morning on an empty stomach.


Soak 1 teaspoon of Methi in the night and be taken with water everyday morning on empty stomach.

Additional diabetes-control approaches:

  • Dodge mid-day dozes.
  • Consume fewer carbohydrates
  • Strictly stay away from alcohol and tobacco
  • Include a small amount of activity into your daily routine, just adequate to get your heart pumping.
  • Avoid skipping blood tests.
  • Sustain daily health inspections
  • Avoid adding an extreme amount of oil and sugar to your diet.

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Author of the Blog: Dr. Deepali Shastri

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