The Best Treatment for Epilepsy in Ayurveda

The Best Treatment for Epilepsy in Ayurveda

The Best Treatment for Epilepsy in Ayurveda:

Epilepsy is a neurological irregularity in which a person loses mindfulness due to extreme electric secretion of cerebral neurons. Epileptic outbreaks can last from several seconds to some minutes. Ayurveda describes epilepsy Apasmara and the attacks or disturbances are recognized as Akshepaka. It is a chronic disease, which usually needs a long-term supervision plan of diet and lifestyle modifications, ayurvedic therapies, and herbal remedies.


Specialist consultation is crucial for the successful examination and therapy of epilepsy. Remedy, treatment, and lifestyle go hand in hand in order to render a full expertise experience. The great news is that there is a remedy for epilepsy in Ayurveda – at least to a considerable degree, it can be treated to manage an absolutely normal life.



Assistance and direction help from Ayushakti experts to defeat depression and stress and can also augment the effects of remedies.



In such circumstances, healthy detoxification methods are greatly recommended. The type of cleaning method preferred to revive brain function to normal will depend on the appropriate dosha that is depraved.


Vata Dosha

In these circumstances, the body is purified by using an enema (Basti) to correct Vata dosha. This dosha is worsened by anxiety, lack of sleep, and severe mental strain. Constipation and complexities of the GI tract(Gastrointestinal tract) can also prompt this kind of epilepsy. Vata is soothed by the treatment of a medicated and herbal oil massage (abhyanga) as well as by pouring a stream of ayurvedic oil on the head (Shirodhara) which can soothe the mind. Herbs like shankhapushpi which is popular for its properties, ashwagandha which is also termed as a true germ herb in Ayurveda, and Brahmi are used to normalize brain movement.


Pitta Dosha

The difficulty of the dosha is healed by purgation (virechana). Normally, this dosha is obstructed by high moisture. Potential causes of epilepsy due to Pitta Dosha may be disorders such as encephalitis and swelling of the head.


Kapha Dosha

Contagions are eradicated from the body by causing vomiting (Vamana). This is essentially generated by a blockage of the nervous system. Immoderate discharge of saliva can be one of the important indications of Kaphic epilepsy. It may be set in motion by an inactive or sedentary lifestyle. Tulsi and calamus root are extensively used for the therapy of Kapha epilepsy.


Rasayana Treatment

Revitalization and rejuvenation by Rasayana treatment minimize the recurrence of attacks and promote full synchronization of the brain and body for wholesome life. The sound treatment of Ayurvedic epilepsy is  Mahapanchagavya Ghrita, Panchayagavya Ghrita, Vachadhya Ghrita collectively with several other herbs.


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