Ayushakti has trained many western medical doctors. One of them was Dr. Lisciani sebastiano from Italy, who got trained in 1992. One day, when he was working in Sicily, a man looking extremely tensed came to see him. Dr. Lisciani by checking his pulse found that he has severe acidity, burping,stomach discomforts, headaches and feeling of sour liquid coming in the mouth which he wanted to cough quiet often. Many times, he also suffered with such a chest discomfort that he almost felt that he is going to have heart attack.

Dr. Lisciani advised him PITTA (acid) and AAMA (toxic mucous) reducing diet. That is, to stop eating sour, spicy, fermented and deep fried food, maida and red meat. Dr. Lisciani prescribed also ayushakti Gulkacid and Pittashamak and told him to follow this for 3 months. This man tried everything for more than 10 years. Regular antacids only gave temporary relief and still he suffered from burping and discomfort any how. So he was willing to do this diet even if it was difficult. He returned back after 3 months. Dr. Lisciani checked his pulse and said “Oh, you have 70% less acidity and no headache”. He said, “yes, you are right but I am very upset. I am not getting angry anymore and now I am loosing my job”.

This person was a gangster. And now, his Pitta was reduced and because of that, the effects of pitta- like Headache, anger and acidity also got reduced naturally. Slowly over a period of few months, he realized that now he can choose a better job. He changed his work. His life became healthy and happy both. Ayushakti has transformed his life !!.

Why does acidity occur?

Our stomach and digestive glands secrete acid to digest the food we eat. This is a regular and natural process. When the acid secretion is higher than required, you suffer from acidity. The classic sign of acidity is, you feel a burning sensation just above the stomach after having your food.

A weakness of the food pipe can cause a reflux of the acid in the stomach to the lower part of the food pipe. In most chronic cases, you feel severe burning sensation in the chest and even up to the throat. You may also feel gassy and have a bloated stomach. Constant excess acid secretion can also cause ulcers if not taken care of. Most people manage the discomfort of Acidic reflux with lifestyle changes and some medication. But some people with severe acidity may need more effective treatments to reduce the symptoms.

In the past 27 years, Ayushakti has successfully helped thousands of people suffering from acidity, headache, indigestion, gassiness and stomach bloating just by following a simple diet & taking remarkable herbs.

You can get a permanent relief from chronic gastritis by improving digestion and calming pitta. Ayushakti’s Acidotox builds digestive system, effectively reduces stomach inflammation and ulcers and finally, extra acids are pulled out of your body. After few months, your digestion is strong enough that new acids are not produced. You are free from stomach discomfort, pain or acidity in future.

What is “Acidotox” treatment ?

Acidotox treatment is a combination of specific Aama & Pitta reducing diet plan with herbs and detox treatments. The detox processes in Acidotox expels the deep rooted Pitta & toxins. Further rejuvenation with herbal formulas like Gulkacid, Pittashamak, help relieve inflammation from the linings of the food pipe thus effectively relieves acidity, redness and discomfort in the stomach. You will experience a great relief from chest burn, gas, stomach pain, ulcers in the mouth etc.

What benefit do you get from Ayushakti’s proven authentic Acidotox” treatment?

1. Remarkable reduction in frequent heartburn & acid reflux

2. Reduces gas, burping, stomach ache, nausea

3. Regulates acidic formation thus relieves frequent headache and migraine attack

4. Improves digestion and relieves constipation

5. Reduces Pitta, inflammation & ulcers

6. 3-5 kgs reduction in weight & inch loss

What is the Proven diet to improve digestion and relieve gastritis and acidity ? -

Sour and spicy foods, fermented foods, and oily foods create acidic reflux hence avoid such items. Red meat is heavy to digest, so avoid them

Eat more of : vegetables like bottle gourd (dudhi), white pumpkin (kushmand), yellow pumpkin (bhopla), snake gourd (padwal), soft gourd( turai), tendli, onion. These are very light and easily digestible. Mung and mung dal, lentils, red rice, leafy greens are also good.

Where do you get Acidotox treatment ? +

Acidotox treatment is available in all Ayushakti centres in Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Goa.

A quick home remedy to relieve Acidity, gas and high pitta (heat) ? +

20 black resins to be soaked over night in half glass of water. In the morning, smash the black resins well and drink along with the water on an empty stomach.

What are the other treatments available at Ayushakti centres ? +

Ayushakti provide proven authentic treatments for all kind of chronic health problems like Arthritis, joint pain, Frozen shoulder, Back pain, neck pain, Spondylosis, High blood sugar, Allergies and wheezing, skin diseases like psoriasis, exzema, dermatitis, urticaria, lichen planus, warts etc., hair fall & hair thinning, insomnia, high blood pressure, cholesterol, Obesity, infertility, PCOD, Fibroid, Fallopean tube block, low sperm count, zero count, verecicele, anxiety, depression.

Ayushakti has proven treatment plans for Children health problems like frequent cough cold allergy, low memory and focus in studies, low appetite, under weight.