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Treat frequent Headache or Migraine attacks, nausea, vomiting from the root without any side effects

Excess heat in the body causes the production of extra acid. This acid goes up into the head and settles there for a long time cause inflammation and swelling of blood vessels. If any little trigger such as wrong food, too much heat, sunlight, or Stress can trigger this acidic heat and cause throbbing pain and finally Migraine or headache. Many times after vomiting, you feel better. Sometimes this headache can go down by itself in few hours. Many people take painkillers every day, which only increases the heat in your body and, finally, causing more frequency of headache or Migraine.

Sometimes, the cause of a frequent headache may be an underlying health condition too. Continuous Stress at work or home can cause migraines. Lights, sun glare, or loud sounds induce migraines. In some people, strong smells of perfume, or paint trigger nausea, irritation and finally cause Migraines.

Success stories of Happy clients

Seven days of detox at Ayushakti relieved Stress, headache, pain, and swelling.
I am Sheila Seth, 56 years old and working as an administrative officer at Goregaon, Mumbai. I used to be very tired, stressed out by work, and suffering from frequent headaches. I took a seven days program here at Ayushakti, and it was excellent. I was given shirodhara, and it was perfect for relieving my old headache, which I was suffering from for a couple of months. After Shirodhara, I feel incredibly light. Headache reduced to more than 65% from what it was initially. The various other treatments in the program were very relaxing and rejuvenating. Even at times, I had swelling on my hands and feet. I was unable to move my limbs. Within the 4-5 days of the treatment itself, I got good results. I am thankful to Ayushakti for making my life stress-free.
70% relief infrequent headache
When I was in 2nd std, I experienced a headache almost every day after returning from school.In September 2004, I was advised to visit Dr. Naram at Ayushakti; my sister was already taking treatment from Ayushakti. Then I called Ayushakti and started taking the prescribed medicines. Within 1-2 years, the frequency of headaches reduced remarkably by 70%. My height and weight also increased marginally. Ashish, Mumbai.
15 years of Migraine and other multiple health problems got relieved amazingly
Remikhije from Qatar was suffering from Migraine, epilepsy, and joints for more than 15 years. With Ayushakti’s diet and herbal medications, she has got a drastic change. Frequency of Epilepsy and Migraine attaches reduced. With super detox therapies for 15 days, she could reduce her weight. Her physical and mental status improved with positivity.
Complete relief from Migraine and acidity within six months
I was suffering from Migraine and Acidity for few years. Within six months of Ayushakti herbal medicines and diet, I got a remarkable reduction in Migraine and acidity. I continued the diet and herbs for another six months and got complete relief. My wife was taking allopathic medications for high Blood pressure and cholesterol. Following Ayushakti Diet and herbs helped her stop allopathic dosages, and now she is not taking any medications, and her high blood pressure and cholesterol are under control. Ashok Manwani.
I don’t need any allopathic medications Now-Ayushakti helped me get rid of Sinus and headache
I suffered from a nose block, Sinus, and headache for the last 2 -3 years. I got to know about Ayushakti and came here for the treatment. I used to take allopathic medicines daily, but I stopped them entirely after coming here because I did not need them anymore. I was suggested Ayushakti herbs, and they had a significant impact on me. Today I am 100% cured and satisfied with their treatments. Simran, Mumbai.
Significant relief in acidity and Migraine through detox panchakarma.
I was suffering from acidity & Migraine for several years. My stomach used to pain too much; I have taken many allopathic medicines, but there was no relief. I was referred to Ayushakti by one of my relatives, so I came and started with panchakarma treatment and medicines. Within 3- 4 months itself, I could see the difference within me. No more stomach pain; even the acidity is almost gone, and no more headaches. I am thankful to Ayushakti. Geetha, India.

How does Ayushakti’s treatment works?

Ayushakti’s treatment plan focuses on Customized diet, kitchen remedies, effective herbal remedies, proven Marma (Ayurvedic pressure points), and ancient detox therapies.

First stage: Remove

Eliminate blockages, inflammation and remove toxins from the gut and intracellular cells through the right type of detox so that proper blood supply reaches the damaged organs and intracellular toxins are cleared.

Second stage: Restore

Repair & restore the normal functioning of all the organs and especially the ones that are affected by the illness through the usage of powerful home remedies, diet, lifestyle changes, and marma pressure points.

Third stage: Renew

Rebuild & renew in step by step manner using herbal formulas and therapies on damaged or weak tissues, thus creating vibrant youthful health and long-lasting relief from chronic health problems.

What are the benefits you get through Ayushakti’s proven treatments for Headache and Migraine?

1. Effectively reduces excess heat from the body

2. Significantly improves digestion and purifies the blood

3. Remarkably relieves inflammation from the nerves of neck, shoulder thus relieves stress-induced headache

4. Stops nausea, vomiting, throbbing pain, irritability, and Stress

5. Controls blood pressure & improves sleep quality, thus reduces the frequency of headache or Migraine

6. Relaxes brain cells by rejuvenating its functions thus relieves root cause of Migraine or Headache

3 Action Steps to Transform Your Health

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Customized Diet Plan

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Customized Detox Plan

Your Customized Herbal Formulas & Detox Plan Creates Remarkable Transformation For Long Lasting Health


Are migraines and headaches same?

Migraine is a neurological disease caused by inflammation or swelling of brain nerves. Headaches are just one symptom of migraines.

I have sinus problems and headaches. Is it related?

Sinus headache is widespread. You feel the pain and inflammation around your eyes, cheeks, and forehead. Sometimes you feel a throbbing pain in the head. If the Sinus is not treated, it can lead to severe Migraines too.

Why neck pain or shoulder pain leads to severe headache?

In neck pain or shoulder pain, your nerves got compressed and the blood circulation reduces. Often you have small lumps on the sides of the neck due to the inflammation. The pain starts in the back of the head or neck. Then slowly travels to the head and behind the eyes in one or two hours. You feel throbbing pain around the neck, ear, eyes, and it is often very chronic. Such pain typically occurs on one side of the head or maybe both sides.

Most of the day, when I wake up in the morning, I feel a slight headache? How can it be permanently cured?

Such pains may be due to the sleeping position and nerve pinch in most cases. Use soft pillows to avoid this. Also, fewer hours of sleep can cause morning sickness and headaches in many people. Doing some neck exercises every morning and good quality sleep can help relieve such pain and headaches.

Whenever I go out in the hot climate, I get severe headaches. How to stop this?

Hot climates produce more heat in the body and cause dehydration. The narrowing of blood vessels and dehydration trigger a headache. As soon as you hydrate yourself, you feel better and relaxed.

Acidity cause headache?

Yes. When excess acid is produced in your stomach, digestion hampers and produces more heat in the body. Acidity can even cause inflammation and pain in the gut, and you feel headache. Once you treat the acidity with natural herbs and diet, you will be free from headaches too.


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