Ayushakti has 33 years of proven experience in treating Infertility.

Ayushakti INFERTOX TREATMENT has been formulated after years of research. It is a proven treatment and many couples have been blessed. At Ayushakti, each client is given a specially formulated herbal, dietary and treatment module as per his/her pulse and body type. This special formulation relieves the body of all toxins, imbalances and also eliminate blocks that cause infertility. The female ovulation and male sperm count etc improve and the conception takes place upon the treatments. The list of such grateful couples at Ayushakti is endless. No wonder then that these overjoyed couples recommend more and more childless couples to Ayushakti!!


Where everything else failed, Ayushakti worked.
My name is Niresh from Madagascar. We were trying for a baby from the past 5 years.Our first child passed away. We even tried IVF 3 times but nothing worked out. We saw about Ayushakti On Zee TV, we took an appointment of Ayushakti's Dr. Smita Naram at their Mumbai ayurvedic health center.Priya took the treatments and returned to Madagascar along with Ayushakti's herbal medicines.After taking Ayushakti's medicine for 2 months she got the pregnancy test done and it was positive. We met Dr. Smita Naram again and thanked her for the treatments done by her. I wish to tell everyone that whoever has any health problem, please consult Ayushakti's doctors and experience how your life will be transformed with positivity and good health.
Ayushakti brings the joy of parenthood.
I actually know about Ayushakti since my childhood, I am getting my treatment done here since I was a kid, in 2015 we visited Ayushakti clinic in Malad west, prior to that we were trying for a baby for almost 2-3 years, some medications were really not working out for us. At Ayushakti we underwent Panchkarma treatment which really helped us, within a span of 6-7 months we got positive results. Ayushakti helped us to re-gain our hope. It gave us the joy of parenthood. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.
Complication free pregnancy under the guidance of Dr. Smita Naram.
I am Devika from USA. After 4 years of marriage, I got pregnant but had a miscarriage after about 3 months. I got to know about Ayushakti from one of Ayushakti client Devi param as she was visiting Dr. Smita Naram and she had experience of many people who have difficulty conceiving or difficulty in pregnancy who got great results with Dr. Smita Naram’s herbs and treatment. I sent her the details which I have been given about seven years back when I was a teenager.Dr. Smita Naram looked up my records and without even meeting me at all, she sent the herbs for me which I took before conceiving, fully during the 9 months of pregnancy, and as well as 3 months after delivery. And I delivered a healthy baby boy without any complications during the pregnancy or delivery. So definitely for couples who were wanting a child for many years, I would recommend to come and consult Dr. Smita Naram and Ayushakti
Ayushakti’s first baby, Mr. Satish shares his long & fruitful association.
We had problem of infertility for 3 years after the marriage in 1986. Tried many treatments even went to Kolhapur for a treatment. Doctors said that my wife’s both fallopian tubes are closed and operation is required to open the tubes, then only she can conceive. My financial condition was not that good, even then I have asked doctor how much will it cost and doctor said Rs. 13000/- in 1986, it was a big amount. Then I happened to read articles about Ayushakti’s infertility treatments in Dharma Bhaskar magazine. Immediately we went to Ayushakti centre and started the treatment. The doctor gave us confidence that we will conceive, in December my wife’s periods got missed and the reports confirmed that the pregnancy was positive. Every month we went to Ayushakti centre for the monthly checkup, followed all the advises given by the doctor and on 13th September,1990, my wife delivered a baby boy. Since then, I continue referring people with same problems to Ayushakti and they all got successful results. My association with Ayushakti is 1986. Even today, I come here, the staff is very good and Dr. Smita Naram is an excellent doctor.

How does Infertox work?

INFERTOX is a remarkable three-stage treatment plan which not only helps to rectify the internal system but also promotes healthy conception.


Eliminate blockages, inflammation and remove toxins from the gut and intracellular cells through the right type of detox so that proper blood supply reaches the damaged organs and intracellular toxins are cleared.


Repair & restore the normal functioning of all the organs and especially the ones that are affected by the illness through the usage of powerful home remedies, diet, lifestyle changes, and marma pressure points.


Rebuild & renew in step by step manner using herbal formulas and therapies on damaged or weak tissues, thus creating vibrant youthful health and long-lasting relief from chronic health problems.


Holland based dr. Victor Manhave’s research on 2000 case files of Ayushakti infertility couples for three years says that the percentage of success rate in Ayushakti’s ayurvedic treatment is two times higher than other treatment methods.

Infertox treatment includes diet, herbal formulas and detox treatments.


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Customized Diet Plan

Your Customized Diet Plan Plays 50% Role In Improving Your Health

Customized Detox Plan

Your Customized Herbal Formulas & Detox Plan Creates Remarkable Transformation For Long Lasting Health


Fundamentally we do not promote IVF, but it is seen that in few cases IVF is the only solution for conception (for example both tubes are removed or completely blocked, very low sperm count of male partner). In such cases, Ayurveda remarkably helps in for a successful & healthy IVF pregnancy and prevent miscarriage.

  • Quality of the eggs is improved hence promotes chances of successful IVF.

  • Quality of sperm also improved if male partner also undergoes infertox treatment.

  • Improves endometrium quality & thickness hence reduce the risk of miscarriage.

  • Improves the blood supply to the womb.

  • Reduces immuno Globulin hyper activity (Auto immune or torch positive). So that immune cells does not attack to embryo causing failure of IVF.

  • Reduces swelling and water retention from the pelvic area thus micro blockages are removed and restores normal effective functions towards the growth of the foetus.

  • Increase in the AMH (Antimulerian hormone)

  • Favourable hormone creation

  • Increase in BMI and reduces the risk of miscarriage

  • Additionally, before pregnancy entire body is cleansed through infertox so reduced chances of during & post delivery issues.

  • Ultimately the child born is very healthy & intelligent.


What are the main causes of infertility in men?

Some of the common causes of infertility in men are:

1. Irregular sperm production or lack of sperm, Zero count or low sperm count

2. Hampered sperm delivery due to either erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation

3. Obesity is another reason that may hamper sperm production

4. Certain infections such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

5. Lifestyle conditions such as diet imbalance, addiction to smoking or alcoholism, sedentary lifestyle, or mental and emotional stress. These contribute to poor sperm count.

What are the causes of infertility in women?

1. Ovarian dysfunction or ovulation disorders such as PCOS, Hormonal imbalance.

2. Fallopian tube blocks.

3. Uterine Fibroids.

4. Thickness in endometrium endometriosis.

5. Hectic lifestyle and job stress contribute to conception problems.

How much does Infertox treatment cost?

Ayushakti’s Infertox treatment varies from person to person depending upon the severity of the problem.

Does this treatment include any surgery?

Ayushakti’s Infertox treatment does not involve surgery and is treated naturally using Ayurvedic treatment methods.

Should I get my partner along with me for the consultation?

Yes. Both of you must be present for the first consultation for infertility health conditions.

Does Ayushakti’s Infertox treatment consist of any side effects?

When it comes to ayurvedic treatment, all products and treatments are natural as per the ancient Ayurveda. Hence it has only benefits and no side effects associated with it.

What is the guarantee of this treatment?

In the past 27 years of services, Ayushakti has had over 60-90% success rate in treating infertility cases.

How often will I have to visit the clinic?

For follow-up consultations with the Ayushakti doctor, you will have to visit once or twice a month as per the problem and treatments suggested to you. During the infertox treatment period, you need to visit the Ayushakti clinic daily for 15-25 days as per your Ayushakti’s doctor’s advice.

I am 45 years old. Will I be able to conceive after this treatment?

Yes, there is a possibility that you will get results if you have not reached the menopause stage. It is highly recommended to consult an Ayushakti doctor right away.

Do we have to get any reports when we come for a consultation?

Yes, if you have any past reports with you, you can surely bring them when you come for your first consultation.

What problems does infertox treatment help in overcoming?

Infertox treatment helps with problems like:

Female: Tube block, PCOD/PCOS, Fibroid, Anovulation, Habitual Abortion or miscarriage, Endometriosis, secondary infertility, premenstrual syndrome, early menopause.

Male: Low sperm count, Zero count, low motility, varicocele, erectile problems, low physical energy & stamina, infections.

Is Ayushakti’s Infertox treatment the same as IVF?

No, not at all. Infertox is a natural Ayurvedic detoxification program to remove toxins and imbalances from your body which in turn will help in natural conception.

Can a working person undergo this treatment?

Yes, a working male or female can undergo this treatment but she/he will have to adjust their office timing during the treatment period.

If I have a serious medical condition apart from infertility can I undergo this treatment?

Of course yes. If you have any medical condition, Infertox treatment might not affect your condition. Infertox treatment will help to improve your overall health too.

If my partner is impotent will this treatment help?

Infertox won’t help to overcome the Impotence problem.

Can Infertox treatment help in erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction requires long-term treatment to improve the condition. You can experience 30-40% improvements in 1-3 years.

My partner and I have lost interest in sex will this treatment help us?

This is a very common problem and it can be reversed through infertox treatment along with counseling programs with the help of Ayushakti doctors.

My wife’s uterus is very weak. Will Infertox treatment help her?

Infertox treatment is remarkable in strengthening the uterus and overall reproductive system.


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I was suffering from asthma and cough for the last 25 years. I have being using an inhaler for the past many years and had to take minimum 3 sprays per day. My daughter in law suggested me to visit Ayushakti for treatment after which I was very satisfied with the result. Dr Priyanka Katale assisted me in the treatment for the last 5 months and now my intake of spray has reduced to 1 in 3-4 Days. Thanks to Ayushakti.

Deepali Desai

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I had been suffering from an allergic cold, cough for the last 20 years. After undergoing different treatment I got only temporary relief from the problem. After visiting Ayushakti clinic, I got complete relief with 1 week and my immunity also increased within 2 months.

Bharat Borse

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The staff at Ayushakti are very good and very caring. Ayushakti staff were very helpful. The doctors always remember the patient, their medical problems and call them for their regular checkup. Had a Very good experience at Ayushakti Thane.

Pritish Mhaskar