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Ayurvedic Treatment For Cough, Cold, Breathlessness & Allergies

Breathing is an extremely crucial process for life. When we inhale, oxygen is pumped into the body and when we exhale, carbon dioxide is let out. For this reason, whenever we are exposed to viruses, bacteria or dust particles while breathing, the immune system becomes hyperactive immediately, to remove them from the body.

The immune system responds in the form of mucus within the respiratory system, which dissolves the foreign particles within it, then expels them through coughs and colds. This means they are in fact a defense mechanism which keeps our respiration system clear.

This makes coughs and colds sound simple and useful, but for those who suffer from them over a long period of time, life can be miserable. Work, social life, outdoor activities – be it anything the quality of life suffers. We need to handle this problem in the best way possible.

Ayushakti specializes in chronic and acute colds, asthma and immune deficiency syndromes. We have treated thousands of people around the world using a combination of conscious diet, home remedies and herbs.

The most common causes of respiratory problems are
  • Exposure to bacterial or viral infections.
  • Allergies to dust, fungal particles, fumes, certain foods etc.
  • Smoker’s syndrome – people who smoke, cough a lot because of the irritating effect of the smoke and the damage it causes to the cells of respiratory tract.
  • Long term exposure to irritating factors such as smoke, dust, other pollutants etc.
  • A low immune response in the body.
What are the four commonly seen ailments in this category?
  • Common viral coughs
  • Cold, nasal congestions and sinusitis
  • Chronic coughs, throat infections and irritations, ear infections
  • Allergic breathlessness & bronchitis

Common Viral Cough

Cough is a sudden explosive movement of air to clear material from respiratory airways. It helps to protect the lungs from foreign particles. Coughing can bring up phlegm, a mixture of mucus, debris and cells. If it becomes severe and chronic it can result in shortness of breath, hoarseness, dizziness and wheezing. Viral coughs are highly contagious, and spread quickly in any social group.


1. Coughing , hoarseness of voice

2. Irritation in the throat

3. Fatigue and body aches

4. A cold, if the infection has spread to the nose

Colds usually heal themselves within seven days, whether you take medication or not. Anything you take to suppress a cough is useless. In fact, suppression dries up the cough, leaving a dry cough which can last for months.

Mucus and coughing play an important role in clearing infections and particles in the respiratory system. The best thing we can do is to help our system to liquefy and expel the mucus easily, diminishing the seven days of inconvenience and suffering.

Follow this very safe and effective home remedy to clear the congestion and expel the mucus.
  • 1. ¼ tsp. Fresh ginger (adrak) juice
  • 2. ¼ tsp. Turmeric (haldi) powder
  • 3. ¼ tsp. Garlic (lasoon) juice
  • 4. ½ tsp. Fresh basil (tulsi) leaf juice
  • 5. 2 tsp. Honey (madh)
  • 6. 1 pinch of Black pepper (kali mirch)powder

Mix all the ingredients well. Keep it refrigerated if you are making a large quantity and wish to use again. Remember to bring it to room temperature before using. Take 1½ tspn of this mixture four times a day. Children can safely take this cough mixture.

Diet & Lifestyle plan for coughs, colds, breathlessness and allergies:

Avoid -
  • 1. wheat, refined white flour, meat (especially red meat), refined sugar, deep fried foods. These foods decrease the digestive fire (Agni) and produce mucus (kapha )and toxins (ama).
  • 2. All sweet fruits, such as apples, pears, apricots, cherries, plums, sweet berries, fresh figs and dates, mangoes, papayas and pomegranates, which are very cold in nature & produce excessive mucus.
  • 3. Milk & milk products are also mucus producing so should be best avoided.
  • 4. Ice, cold foods and drinks are immediate “killers” of the digestive fire. They also produce excess mucus. So avoid them.

Foods you can take more: Cooked vegetables such as pumpkin (kaddu), squashes, marrow, courgette (turai), Ivy Gourd/ Gentleman’s Toes (Tendli), spinach (Palak),fenugreek leaves (Methi) , French beans (Phansi), bottle gourds (Dudhi), ridge gourds (Turai) , snake gourd (Padwal), smooth gourd (Galka), mange-tout, asparagus, fennel (Suva Bhaji), swedes, sweet corn, onions, carrots, parsnips beetroot, celery, chicory and leeks. Potatoes should only be eaten occasionally, with their skin.

Pulses are an essential part of a healthy diet. Mung and split Mung beans (green gram), Tuvar Dal (yellow lentils) and Masoor Dal (red lentils) are easy to digest, balancing and nourishing to the body. To get the full value from pulses they should be eaten along with grains (especially rice)

Grains including rice, oat, rye, maize (makai), millets (jawar , bajra nachani) amaranth (rajigira), quinoa , kamut, spelt, polenta; basically everything other than wheat& maida. Flours made from these grains and also from potatoes and buckwheat are excellent substitutes for “normal” flour.

Dried fruits like almonds, walnuts, apricots, figs, hazel nuts, dates and raisins can be eaten. Occasionally you can have white meat like chicken, turkey, and fish (fresh water) occasionally.

You can replace dairy milk with almond milk, rice milk, soya milk or oat milk.

Lifestyle to follow:
  • 1. Completely avoid smoking
  • 2. Avoid exposure to cold, winds, dust, fumes and other pollutants, or cover your head, ears and nose to protect yourself from these.
  • 3. Give your vocal cords a rest by talking less
  • 4. Drink warm water, not cold, throughout the day.
  • 5. Drink hot tea made of tulsi, ginger and mint leaves.
  • 6. Exercise and practice yoga as a daily routine, as it will improve and maintain the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.
  • 7. Eat a well-balanced diet as mentioned above. This improves the body’s immunity, which is extremely important in all respiratory ailments.
  • 8. Practice the yogic breathing techniques of Bhastrika, Kapalbhati and Ujjayi Pranayamas for wet coughs and Shitali and Sitkari for dry coughs.
Recommended Ayushakti Herbs

1. Divyaswas jivan 1 tablet each twice daily

2. Asthaloc 2 tablet each twice daily

3. Kaphano Syrup 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day

4. These herbs have been proven to be effective for more than 27 years. They soothe sore throats and deal with coughs, liquefying and expelling mucus and clearing congestion.

5. To talk to an Ayushakti doctor, call now toll free no. 18002663001

Allergic Colds, Nasal Congestion and Sinusitis

Colds are not only caused by infection but also by allergies. Exposure to grass, weeds, tree pollen, dust mites, petrol fumes, perfume sprays, cat or dog hair, as well as foods such as milk or peanuts can create a strong histamine reaction. This is an immunological response in the form of massive mucus generation, which removes allergic particles. The body response to the common cold is similar. It is our immune response to both infection and allergic particles.

What are the symptoms of allergic cold, congestion and sinusitis?
  • Repeated sneezing
  • A runny nose followed by congestion and blocked sinus
  • Nasal blockage with difficulty in breathing and subsequent wheezing
  • Headaches, pain in both cheeks, eyes, eyebrows which may be followed by fever
  • Sometimes pricking pain in the ear

It is possible to identify the cause of the cold by examining the sputum (the mucus). Yellowish, greenish or brownish mucus indicates bacterial infection; clear and sticky mucus indicates a food or atmospheric allergy.

Suppression of the mucus with medication causes irritation and continued congestion. The best solution is to support your body by making the immune system strong along with liquefying the mucus & expel.

Dealing with the occasional cold, say every 4-6 months is no problem. Problems arise when allergic colds come almost daily or weekly. The condition then turns into recurrent chronic sinusitis, where the sinuses (the spaces within the bones in the head) become blocked due to infective mucus.

Ayushakti has successfully helped many such cases with effective herbs. These herbs build and strengthen the immune system, liquefy mucus, ease breathing. Congestion is cleared at its root, so it does not return easily.

Remarkable herbal tea to relieve allergies, cough, cold, fever and sinus;For clearing congestion, melting and naturally expelling of the thick mucus for easy breathing:
  • 1. ½ tsp. Fresh ginger (adrak) crushed
  • 2. 12 nos. Basil leaves (tulsi ) crushed
  • 3. 3 nos. Black pepper (kali mirch) crushed
  • 4. 3 nos. Cardamom (elaichi) crushed 03 nos.
  • 5. 5 nos. Mint leaves (pudina) crushed 05 nos.
  • 6. ½ inch.Cinnamon (dalchini)
  • 7. 1 ¼ cup Water
  • 8. 1 tsp. or as per tasteJaggery

Mix this mixture and make tea. Filter and drink warm 3-4 times a day

To relieve sinus:

Roast 2 teaspoon ajowain (carom) seeds on a griddle. Inhale the fumes until the smell of ajwain seeds fade; then begin the process again with fresh seeds. Inhale the ajowain seed fumes in this way for five minutes daily.

If the sinus and congestion is severe, this remedy is very powerful:
  • 1. ¼ tsp. Garlic juice
  • 2. 2 tsp. Water

Lie down and insert ½ tsp. of this mixture into each nostril 2 times a day. It burns, but cuts through congestion while the garlic kills off any bacterial infection.

Recommended Ayushakti Herbs:

Asthaloc- 2 tablet each twice daily – effectively relieves wheezing, congestion, shortness of breath, allergic cough

D-Vyro- 2 tablet each twice daily - Natural immune booster. If taken regularly, remarkably reduces frequency of cough, cold, allergies.

Chronic coughs,Throat Irritations & Ear Infections

Sometimes coughs and throat infections do not clear up completely. Mucus can then remain in the nose and sinus areas. This can lead to a chronic cough, throat irritations and ear infections. Recurrent occurrence of the following symptoms is a sign of lowered immunity.

  • 1. Constant coughing, with or without mucus
  • 2. Irritation and redness of throat
  • 3. Hoarseness in the voice
  • 4. Earache and itching in the ear
  • 5. Headaches, a sense of malaise
  • 6. Reduced sense of both smell and hearing

Ayushakti has successfully cured many such chronic cases, giving sufferers a new lease of life.

Home remedies to relieve throat irritations and chronic ear infections:

  • 1. 10 nos. Fresh basil (Tulsi) leaves
  • 2. 2 Black peppers (whole)

Chew them together on an empty stomach in the morning when half chewed, swallow the mixture with water.

Repeat this in the evening and once more at night before going to bed.

Castor oil: At night, put 2-4 drops of warm castor oil in each nostril before going to sleep

Mix the following ingredients to make a pill and suck it 3 to 6 times a day
  • 1. ¼ tsp. Turmeric powder
  • 2. ¼ tsp. Liquorice powder
  • 3. Honey enough to make a pill
Ayushakti Herbs to relieve throat irritations and infections:
  • 1. TASTHALOC tablet 2-2
  • 2. D-VYRO tablet 2-2
  • 3. KAPHANO SYP 1-1tsp.
  • 4. ANTISEPTA tablet 1-1

Allergic Breathlessness/Asthma and Bronchitis

A clear pathway for air to reach into the lungs, bringing essential oxygen to the blood and tissues, is crucial for life. When the airways are inflamed or blocked by bronchitis or asthma, this access is reduced with clear consequences, so they need to be dealt with effectively.

Acute Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of the airways caused by viral or bacterial infection. It usually resolves itself. Chronic bronchitis can be triggered by long-term exposure to irritants such as tobacco, smoke, dust or chemicals.

Asthma is an inflammatory condition that leads to a tightening of the muscles around the airways. This leads to consequent swelling and narrowing, with a restriction of airflow.

Comparison of symptoms :
Bronchitis Asthma
Cough Coughing especially at night
Production of mucus (sputum): clear , gray or green sleepless nights
Slight fever and chills & Fatigue. Wheezing
Chest discomfort. Shortness of breath/breathlessness
Weakness after exercise
Chest tightness , pressure and pain

Suppressing asthma attacks by dilating the airways is neither effective enough nor long lasting.

Ayushakti has helped many people across the world with bronchitis, asthma and bronchial asthma. These people now live without restless nights and the constant obligation to use endless tablets and inhalers. With the improvement of their lung function and immunity their quality of life is greatly improved.

How Ayushakti treatments are beneficial in Asthma, bronchitis, chronic respiratory problems?

  • 1. Reduction in inflammation of airways, leading to a reduction of blockages in entire airway passage
  • 2. Control over the contraction of chest muscles
  • 3. Melting of the mucus lodged in airways
  • 4. Improvement in overall immunity
Recommended Ayushakti Herbs:

Swasavin Asthaloc tablet - 2 tablets twice daily for relieving breathlessness.

Swasvin Kaphno syrup - 2 teaspoon twice daily for clearing the congestion.

Swasvin D-vyro - 2 tablets twice daily for improving the immune system.


Ayushakti Asthatox is a 3-5 weeks deep panchkarma treatment which focuses on removing the cough mucous blockage from the airway passage. Strengthen the respiratory channel by boosting immunity so that the frequency of allergies and infections is diminished remarkably. The rejuvenation herbs in Asthatox treatment help nourishing the channels thus protecting lungs and promoting easy breath.