• Are you a man suffering from U shaped frontal baldness?

  • Are you a woman getting broadening of hair parting ?

  • Are you losing a handful of hair daily on pillows or in shower or while combing?

  • Are you suffering from severe hair thinning with visible scalp patches or receding frontline?

  • Dry scalp, itching and dandruff embarrass you?

Ayushakti’s “Hair Shakti” program promotes new hair growth like before with strength and volume and relieves dandruff. Provides 90% result in 3 months.

Process of Hair thinning & baldness ---

Our hair goes through a cycle of growth- Hair roots (follicles) grow in three phases – Anagen is the growth phase where hair grows by 1 cm every 28 days for 2-7 years. In the Catagen phase, hair is stable. No growth. Third is Telogen, where hair begins to fall, causing noticeable loss of hair. The new follicle again grows from the same root and goes through the same cycle. When new hair does not grow from the root or the hair life cycle is shortened, hair begins to thin.

Ayushakti’s Hair Shakti program helps to increase Anagen phase ( high growth & long hair, prolongs Catagen phase (so long life ) & regrows hair follicle after Telogen phase (hair thickness maintained )

What are the reasons for hair loss ?

  • Hormonal imbalance: Toxins block healthy hormonal balance, especially in men, creates U shaped baldness or in female, creates frontline thinning of hair.

  • Lack of nourishment to the hair roots: We do get 50 to 100 numbers of hair loss, & same are grown back. Toxins & excessive heat, blocks blood supply & nourishment to hair roots. These destroy the hair root. Thus, after normal hair fall, the new hair follicle does not grow or hair life cycle is shortened, causing premature hair fall. Over a period of time, hair looks thin and scalp looks empty. Female can even get broadened parting or men can get patchy looking hair & visible scalp.

  • Scalp infections like dandruff, itching, fungus: Cause itching, irritation of the scalp & hair loss.

  • Alopecia areata : It is an autoimmune condition, where coin shaped hair loss happens. It can spread, become bigger, and can also, appear on beard or eyebrows etc

  • Dry scalp, itching and dandruff embarrass you?

Ayushakti’s “Hair Shakti” program promotes new hair growth like before with strength and volume and relieves dandruff. Provides 90% result in 3 months.

Real stories from happy clients

Hairshakti program stopped Mahesh’s years old hair fall significantly
36 years old Mahesh was suffering from hair loss for many years. Within one year of Ayushakti Hairshakti treatments, his hair fall stopped remarkably. The substantial new hair growth greatly helped improve his confidence. He still following the specific diet and Ayushakti herbal remedies Sukesha tablet for the strong and healthy hair growth consistently.
How Harshil from UK reversed U shaped hair loss to healthy hair growth in 1.5 years !
10 years of severe hair fall formed wide hair lines and “U” shaped hair loss in patches on Harshil’s head ! Then with Ayushakti’s “Hairshakti” treatment, within 30 days, his hair fall was controlled by 20%. In a years’ time hair fall was completely controlled and new hair started growing. Now, after one and half years, his scanty hair patches are reduced remarkably.

How Ayushakti’s “Hairshakti program helps build your hair healthy and stronger?

Ayushakti doctor analyzes your cause & creates customized plan for you.

Hairshakti programs include customized diet, proven kitchen remedies, effective herbal remedies and authentic detox therapies. Hairshakti hair growth program focuses on three steps :

First step : Remove

Remove toxins blocking the nourishment to hair roots & toxins blocking the hormones. using the tools of diet, detox & herbal formulas. You will experience hair fall & dandruff control within one to two months.

Second step : Restore

Bring back normal blood supply & nourishment to the hair roots & restore hormonal balance using diet & herbal formulas. In this step, within 2 to 6 months, restores vitality of hair & controls hair loss. You will experience growth of baby hair on your scalp & premature hair fall is stopped by prolonging hair lifecycle.

Third step : Renew

Regeneration of New hair follicles.

Rejuvenation processes restores healthy hair functions and stops hair fall completely. New hair regrows steadily with thickness & your hair will become thicker & denser.

What are the remarkable benefits of Hairshakti program ?

  • Within few weeks to few months, hair fall stops.

  • Stimulates new hair regrowth at the root.

  • Prolongs the life cycle of hair, giving the blessing of long life to your hair.

  • Fully restores the vitality of the hair, improving quality of hair.

  • Helps make hair denser with thick hair volume.

  • Controls hair loss.

  • Reduces chronic scalp infections and dandruff.

  • Restores hair regeneration by renewing hair roots and preventing future hair loss.

Ayushakti’s “Hair Shakti” program promotes new hair growth like before with strength and volume and relieves dandruff. Provides 90% result in 3 months.

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Why do girls or boys between 20 & 35 years of age get hair fall ? -

Age between 20 to 35 is the age of Pitta (heat). This excess heat damages & destroys, the hair follicle and causes hair fall and premature greying. Instead of trying external applications, you should start taking heat reducing diet and herbal formulas. Which can significantly help to calm down the heat and nourish the hair follicles. If you take right step, under guidance of an Ayushakti expert, at this age ,you can even grow back your lost hair just in a few months.

Is ther any proof of hair shakti program on scientific research ? +

Herbal ingredients used in hair shakti are proven to reverse the hair falling phase to hair growing phase as per the research journal of enthanopharmacology. That is why, Sukesha oil, one of the external application, reduces hair falling just within 3-5 applications itself & the ingredients in Herbal formulas are proven to produce BMP (bone morphogenic protein), which is mainly responsible for hair regrowth & long life of our hair.

How long do I need to take the herbal tablets? +

Within 2 to 8 weeks of taking herbal formulas, you can see a substantial up to 80% reduction in the hair fall. Within six months the hair fall stops completely and regrowth of new hair. If you wish to make your hair thicker, then, you will need to continue it for another six months.

Do I need to follow any diet ? +

Following a heat reducing diet such as avoiding sour and fermented foods, deep fried foods can help in reducing hair fall steadily.

My age is 44 years. From last 2 years my hair fall is increasingly high. What is the reason? +

After the age 35, women and men start depleting calcium from the bones. Specially for women, hormonal changes, PCOS, delievering a baby and thyroid problems cause hair fall and hair thinning. Taking calcium also doesn’t help, as it’s absorption is blocked. Once, toxins are removed in step one followed by restore & renew of hair treatment, hair roots begins to get nourishment.

Archana Bagul had already deficiency in the bone in spite of taking calcium tablets which resulted in spondylitis and then, followed by severe hair fall. Ayushakti expert doctor helped to heal both effectively.

Can post delivery hair fall stops its own ? +

Post delivery hair fall may stop once the hormones are balanced. If it's not stopping even after 3-4 months, then consult an Ayushakti doctor for definite result.

Is it possible to stop premature greying? +

Hairshakti program remarkably helps reduce premature greying, if it is in the early age and promotes strong hair growth. One has to follow the treatment program for at least 6 months for great results.

I have scalp itching and frequent infections. Is there any natural remedy? +

you can Apply Ayushakti Sudarun lotion which remarkably reduces dry scalp thus relieves itching and infections. You may need to consult Ayushakti expert, if it's a chronic infection & external treatments can only help temporarily.


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