Marma is a powerful instrument of Ayurveda that originated 6000 years ago, a process, and a therapy that works with 108 subtle and sensitive energy points in the body.

It is a Shakti, and the word ‘shakti’ means energy – because if you want to activate an energy, you need to have energy. To activate the energy, you need to know how to press the points.

WHAT MARMA CAN DO? What is its purpose?
There are 4 basic purposes of Marma:
1) It removes blocks in energy channels called stress

2) It brings Vata dosha to its normal path – especially vyana vata,

3) It creates physical, mental and emotional flexibility. Because of AAM (toxins) and because of VATA (wind element), human beings after 30, 35 or 40 become rigid – and this happens to animals and plants too. Vata is increased in our body so we experience degeneration. This rigidity can mean becoming fixed in ideas, emotionally, in physical movements – like arthritis, frozen shoulder, blockages in the neck, or tightness when people get up in the morning. Marma can change all this.

4) It brings an opportunity to experience powerful and dynamic transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. With marma this transformation is possible. Many times people are not able to go outside their ‘comfort zone.’ They think that is all they can do. After marma is done, they can go outside their comfort zone and they start taking risks.

Rejuvenation through MARMA
How do we rejuvenate? By bringing the Vata dosha down, we take control of Vata. This is a main point from our school of thought. So, if we do proper marma, people get physical, mental and emotional flexibility and they start seeing a different way of looking at things. Marma involves pressing a physical point on the body. Everything physical and those 108 points affect the body, mind and emotions. According to Ayurveda, there are two parts to the brain—the left and right brain. Also, there is the conscious and subconscious mind. The question we ask is, “Where is the problem?” There are some marma points that can work with the conscious mind and others that take care of the subconscious mind.
So what are more of the physical, mental and emotional benefits?
Hernia, Hydrocel, Tonsil, Vision Problems,Eye Glasses number to be reduced, Headache, Cervical Lumber, Spine, Arthritis, Uterus – prolapsed, Uterus & Retroverte, Uterus, Asthma, Jet lag, Deep muscles twisting, Cartilage Neck, Back, Frozen shoulder, Stomach pain, Sinus, Migraine, Block in stomach and intestine. Constipation, Epilepsy, Diarrhea, remain young, remove glasses and wrinkles, Chest pain, Thyroid, Pancreas, Liver, Thymus glands, Kidney Pituitary glands, Fibroids and Pain. Depression, Anxiety, Nervousness, Confusion, Memory, Powers of mind, Freedom from the past Experience, Education, Environment Fear, Phobia, Self Image/Self Worth Purpose of life, egoless, Values/beliefs Creation, Dealing with failure, Dealing with change, Dealing with pressure, Dealing with stress, Physical Mental, Emotional Instant energy, Focus Awareness, Alertness, Healing, Breaking your old beliefs and creating new. Being able to do more than your comfort zone, chronic/acute mental disorders and Schizophrenia.

Now, what are Marma’s limitations? In emergency cases, we have no results, for example, if someone has a heart attack, we cannot do anything. Yet there are a few emergency cases, like epilepsy, for which we have very good results. And what are the side effects? You have to live for 100 years, compulsory, with energy, enthusiasm and tranquility!