Healing the world since 1987

Ayushakti is a global Ayurveda leader providing best-in-class ayurvedic healthcare services all over the world. Ayushakti has successfully treated more than 1 million people from 108 countries, suffering from Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Stress, Obesity, Infertility, Blood Pressure, Skin & Hair Problems, Kidney Diseases, Thyroid, Acidity and many other diseases. With a wide network of ayurvedic clinics and the team of expert ayurvedic doctors, Ayushakti provides the best ayurvedic treatments with the help of detox panchakarma therapies, customized diet plans and herbal medicines.

Proven ayurvedic medicines and herbs

Ayushakti has a wide range of herbal medicines which are approved by USA-FDA. With extensive research in Ayurveda, Ayushakti has succeeded in making effective ayurvedic medicines for chronic, seasonal, infectious diseases, disorders and ailments. Shop any of Ayushakti's herbal medicines easily online.

Changing the perspective of the world towards ayurveda

Pulse Reading
Pulse Reading

There is a combination of 360 possible subtle pulses within your body, which indicates the underlying physiological imbalance that may cause acute/chronic diseases

Detox Therapies
Detox therapies

Detoxification is highly focused on relieving the root cause of any chronic problem by cleansing, repairing and rejuvenating the deeper tissues and cells of your body

Herbal Medicines
Herbal medicines

Ayushakti's Herbal formulations are meticulously prepared from specially selected herbs. They are proven effective in relieving your chronic problems within 1-3 months