Panchakarma Detox

(Panchakarma in Ayurveda is the ancient authentic treatment process exists from 5000 years ago)
Take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life!


Are you tired, in pain, sluggish, or out of balance? In our fast-paced modern world, it’s no surprise that fatigue and health problems have become an all-too-familiar companion for many of us. The relentless demands of work, family, and the never-ending stream of notifications can leave us feeling drained and depleted.

Do you yearn for a natural and holistic approach to detoxify your body and rejuvenate your overall well-being? Look no further! Our Ayushakti Detox (Panchakarma) Therapy is the perfect solution for you.

With 35+ years of dedicated service, Ayushakti Ayurved has earned worldwide reputation for its effective and long lasting therapies excellence. Ayushakti Ayurved Health Centre takes pride in providing quality health care! (All therapies are done under qualified Ayurvedic vaidyas supervision).


Panchakarma or Panchkarma, a Sanskrit word meaning “five actions,” is a powerful Ayurvedic therapy designed to purify and detoxify the body, mind, and spirit. This centuries-old practice focuses on removing accumulated toxins, known as ama, from the body while simultaneously restoring balance and harmony.

Panchakarma involves five main Karmas: Vaman, Virechan, Snehan, Shodhan, and Raktamokshan. The therapies are advised per one’s body constitution, type, and severity of the health issues.

3 main processes in Ayushakti’s detoxification programs to remove excessive doshas and toxins from the body.

Phase I – Poorva Karma
First, the toxins will be dislodged and transported to the gut via the administration of fats (medicated oil and ghee), either externally or internally.

Phase 2 – Pradhana Karma
Second, they are removed from the body through 5 procedures (Panchakarma).

  • Vamana (Emesis)
  • Virechana (Purgation)
  • Vasti/Basti (Medicated Enema).
  • Nasya (Nasal Medication)
  • Raktamoksha (bloodletting therapy).

Panchkarma removes blocks from channels using medicated oils and special herbs to heal damaged cells and tissues. Your energy is vibrant, your chronic pain is reduced, your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol and sleep are improved, anxiety and depression are reduced, joint functions are improved, and asthma, allergy, cough fever is reduced. Weight is reduced, and immunity is improved.

Phase 3: Pashchath Karma
All of these three steps are equally important. At Ayushakti Ayurved, Panchakarma, the first and third steps are equally important. If the accumulation of toxins does not take place properly, we believe the elimination procedure will be name-only. If the importance of aftercare is not paid, it can also affect immunity. Panchakarma/Detoxification can be used as both a therapeutic and preventive measure.

Systematically, toxins from every cell are dislodged and flushed from the body. The result is absolutely stunning! You are closely supervised and guided during your 3-5 week program by our qualified team of vaidyas and dedicated detox specialists.

For best results, you should come for the full authentic 3-5 weeks Detoxification Panchakarma treatment. However, if your schedule does not permit such a long stay, You can visit AYUSHAKTI AYURVED HEALTH CENTRE for Detoxification (Panchakarma) therapy of a shorter duration.

Here is how the “Ayushakti’s Detox” program can transform your health :

Ayushakti experts analyze your root cause of health problems, if any, through video or face-to-face consultation & create customized “Detox” programs using a blend of 6 proprietary tools like diet, lifestyle, home remedies, herbal formulas, & detox plans.

3R formula of transformation

Step 1: REMOVE

Eliminate blockages, inflammation and remove toxins from the gut and intracellular cells through the right type of detox so that proper blood supply reaches the damaged organs and intracellular toxins are cleared.


Repair & restore the normal functioning of all the organs and especially the ones that are affected by the illness through the usage of powerful home remedies, diet, lifestyle changes, and marma pressure points.

Step 3: RENEW

Rebuild & renew in step by step manner using herbal formulas and therapies on damaged or weak tissues, thus creating vibrant youthful health and long-lasting relief from chronic health problems.


Personalized Ayushakti Detox Therapy – Panchakarma

Ayushakti’s detoxification Panchakarma therapiesare highly focused on relieving the root cause of any chronic problem by cleansing, repairing and rejuvenating the deeper tissues and cells in your body. This process includes different types of therapies which will be prescribed by expert Ayushakti Vaidyas in accordance with your body type and requirement.

Detoxification is an in-depth Ayurvedic therapy which completely cleanses the body, mind and emotions of toxins and rejuvenates it. Detoxification helps in deeper healing from the root. Detox focuses on elimination of toxins from each and every cell, subtle channels and even from minute tissues of the body.

The Ayushakti’s Panchakarma therapy incorporates a series of personalized therapies, and cleansing techniques, customized to your unique body constitution (dosha). It works on a deep cellular level, targeting the root cause (physical imbalances, mental and emotional well-being).

Benefits of Ayurvedic Detox Panchakarma Therapy – BEST!

  • Bid your byes to Build-up Toxins: Flush out toxins and impurities that accumulate in the body due to poor diet, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. Experience a renewed sense of vitality and energy.
  • Enhanced Digestion: Restore and optimize your digestive fire (agni) to improve nutrient absorption and eliminate digestive discomforts such as bloating, indigestion, and constipation.
  • Stress Relief & Improved Immunity: Release deep-rooted stress and tension, promoting relaxation and mental clarity. Panchakarma therapies help calm the nervous system, promoting emotional balance and well-being. Strengthen your body’s natural defense mechanisms and boost your immune system. Panchakarma therapies help build resilience and prevent future ailments.
  • Transform Your Health: Nourish, Transform and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Panchakarma promotes anti-aging benefits, improves skin complexion, and enhances overall vitality.

Key Benefits of Authentic Ayurvedic Detox Therapy – Panchakarma

  • Weight Loss
  • Gut Health
  • Improve Joint and bone health
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Improves Clarity of the Sense Organs
  • Improves Skin health
  • Anti-Aging and Longevity

Panchakarma Particularly recommended for…

  • Suffering from Joints Pain
  • Weight Gain (Obesity)
  • High Cholesterol
  • Stress, Depression & Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Blood Sugar (Diabetes)
  • Fatty liver
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Rehabilitation
  • Degenerative bone diseases
  • Men Sexual Health Problems -erectile dysfunction (impotence or ED), premature ejaculation, loss of libido and more.
  • Suffering from Irregular Menstruation (Periods) Menopause and Gynaecological issues such as Infertility, PCOS-PCOD, Endometriosis, and more


Multiple Sclerosis – Ayushakti’s Detox Panchakarma help improve quality of life

“Manfred Gutheins from Germany has diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for past 3 years. Ayushakti’s detox panchakarma helped remarkably to get 50% improvement in 25 days. Pain in spin and back has reduced, feels full of energy and the quality of life is improved remarkably.”- Manfred Gutheins (Germany)

Ayushakti Panchakarma detox treatment helped Amrit overcome 3 years of chronic rashes & depression.

“3 years back I was having rashes on whole body.I found ayushakti from Yoga For U in Zeetv. In 10 days treatment I got 50% to 60% improvement.Then I had decided 30 days panchakarma treatment after that I got relief from skin rashes & depression.”- Amrit (the UK)

30 year old joints pain relieved naturally by Ayushakti’s detox treatment

“Kain Brana had a stroke last year and she also has joints pain for the past 30 years. Ayushakti doctor Dr. Hemang has suggested detox panchakarma at Mumbai Ayushakti centre. After her treatment at Ayushakti her condition is recovering. Her blood circulation is so much better. No pains any more. Remarkable relief from stroke. For her Dr. Hemang and Dr. Dipti were very helpful during the whole journey. She said that a lot of people from Germany come and get treated by Dr. Hemang.”- Kain Brana (Germany)

“PLEASE NOTE: Detoxification treatment is a curative plan for all diseases that are not amenable to palliative management. Vaidya Smita Naram and the team of vaidyas are experts in Detoxification Panchakarma treatment.”

Experience the profound benefits of Ayurvedic Detox Panchakarma Therapy in restoring balance, rejuvenation, and overall vitality.

Why Choose Ayushakti’s Ayurvedic Detox Therapy – Panchakarma? RELAX!
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of modern life, or tired of popping pills? Are you searching for a long lasting relief from chronic pain? Look no further than Ayushakti Ayurved, the ultimate destination for detox therapy, also known as Panchakarma.

RELAX! Yes, it helps you to relax. But what exactly makes Ayushakti Ayurved the best choice for Panchakarma? Let’s break it down with the acronym RELAX, where each letter represents a compelling reason:

R – Renowned Expertise: Ayushakti Ayurved is backed by decades of experience and a team of highly skilled Ayurvedic practitioners. With our profound knowledge and expertise, we ensure that you receive the highest quality Panchakarma treatment.

At Ayushakti Ayurved, we believe in creating an oasis of calm and tranquility for our clients. From the moment you step into our center, you’ll be greeted by a serene atmosphere and a team of expert therapists dedicated to your well-being. Our detox therapy sessions are designed to help you release buildup toxins and letting go of pain and get relief from any chronic health problems.

E – Effective Results: When it comes to detox therapy, you want to see results. Ayushakti Ayurved has a proven track record of providing effective outcomes to numerous clients worldwide. Through our personalized Panchakarma programs, we address the root causes of your health issues, leading to long-lasting benefits. Detox therapy at Ayushakti Ayurved goes beyond the superficial. It aims to provide deep-rooted healing for chronic health issues. Whether you’re struggling with digestive disorders, respiratory conditions, joint pain, or skin problems, our Panchakarma therapies work holistically to restore balance and bring lasting relief.

L – Lifelong Wellness: Ayushakti Ayurved’s approach goes beyond temporary relief. They focus on restoring balance and promoting overall wellness. Panchakarma therapies at Ayushakti Ayurved are designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit, leaving you feeling revitalized and ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Detoxification is a key aspect of Panchakarma, and at Ayushakti Ayurved, we take it to the next level. Our detox therapies target the accumulated toxins in your body, gently eliminating them and allowing your system to function optimally. Through specialized therapies like oil massages, herbal steam baths, and cleansing enemas, we help you achieve a state of purity and vitality.

A – Authentic Ayurveda: Ayushakti Ayurved strictly follows the ancient principles of Ayurveda. Our Panchkarma therapies are rooted in traditional Ayurvedic practices, ensuring authenticity and reliability. You can trust that you’re receiving genuine Ayurvedic care tailored to your specific needs. Our highly trained practitioners will assess your unique constitution and tailor the treatment to address your specific needs. With personalized herbal remedies, nourishing meals, and rejuvenating therapies, you’ll experience the true essence of Ayurveda.

X – eXceptional Care: At Ayushakti Ayurved, you are not just a client; you are part of our extended family. The dedicated team of Ayurvedic experts provides personalized care, guiding you through every step of your Panchakarma(Detoxification) journey. We listen to your concerns, offer compassionate support, and create a nurturing environment for your overall well-being. Ayushakti Ayurved is committed to providing a truly transformative experience. Our detox therapy not only rejuvenates your body but also revitalizes your mind and spirit. You’ll emerge from your Panchakarma(Detoxification) journey with a renewed sense of vitality, clarity, and inner peace.

Now that you know why Ayushakti Ayurved is the ultimate destination for Panchakarma, it’s time to take action and experience the remarkable benefits yourself.

Book an appointment with Ayushakti Ayurved today and embark on a journey of relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewed vitality.

Don’t wait – your path to wellness starts here!

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you with Ayushakti Ayurved. RELAX and let Ayushakti Ayurved guide you to a state of blissful well-being.

What to Expect During Your Ayurvedic Detox Panchakarma Therapy?
Consultation: You will meet with our Ayurvedic practitioner, who will conduct a detailed assessment of your health, including your medical history, lifestyle, and goals for the therapy. This consultation will help us understand your unique needs and design a personalized therapy plan.

Preparatory Phase: Before the therapy begins, you may be advised to undergo a preparatory phase to help loosen toxins and prepare your body for the detoxification process. This may involve changes in diet, herbal supplements, and lifestyle improvements.

Main Panchakarma Therapies: The core Panchakarma therapies will be administered according to your personalized plan. These therapies may include Abhyanga (therapeutic massage), Nasya (nasal administration of herbal oils), Virechana (therapeutic purgation), Vamana (therapeutic emesis), and Raktamokshana (bloodletting). Our expert therapists will ensure your comfort and safety throughout the process.

Cleansing Diet: During the therapy, you will be provided with a nourishing and detoxifying diet tailored to your needs. This diet will support the elimination of toxins and promote the rejuvenation of your body.

Post-Treatment Care: After completing the Panchakarma therapy, we will guide you on how to ease back into your regular routine while maintaining the benefits of the therapy. Our practitioners may suggest dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as well as herbal supplements to support your continued well-being.

Click the button below to schedule your consultation and begin your transformative healing journey with Ayurvedic Detox Panchakarma Therapy.

Google Review

“The Ayushakti team deserves no less than 5 stars….absolutely professional, caring and friendly team. The panchkarma team was so well informed and trained. Special thanks to Pramila Tai, Anita N Tai, Aarti, Janhvi, Avinash and everyone else. I will definitely go back. I am grateful to Dr. Priyanka Shukla for all her guidance and support in treating my PCOS. Thank you.” – Amruta Kerkar Dhuri

Google Review

“I got total detoxification for arthritis as suggested by Dr. Raj shree Mehta .After nine days of treatment my body mobility and flexibility i.proved tremendously .The masseuse ladies were extremely efficient and soft spoken .Overall an energizing experience for me” – Indira Seshadri

Google Review

“Done my panchkarna at malad center. Got good results in shoulder n knee pain (almost seventy percent result) Doctors, staff, therapists are very good and friendly. Food at the restaurant is also delicious.” – Vishkha Saple


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