Established in 1987 by Dr. Smita Naram, Ayushakti is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company
providing ayurvedic treatment services worldwide.

About Ayushakti
A touch of care from Mother Nature for vibrant health ... Ayushakti Ayurved – The Most Trusted Ayurvedic centre

For the past 31 years, Ayushakti Ayurved has been serving people worldwide with its proven herbal remedies and authentic ancient treatment methods. The panel of highly experienced Vaidyas at Ayushakti Ayurved are pioneers in Pulse reading, the extremely effective and ingeniously designed natural health services and Detox programs that we offer, the herbal food supplements that fastens the recovery process and personal care and medicinal herbs specially formulated and manufactured after years of research.

Vaidya Smita Naram, the founder of Ayushakti Ayurved and world renowned Ayurveda expert successfully helped more than one million people from 108 countries suffering from Asthama, allergies, Arthritis, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Back pain, Fibromyalgia, Obesity, Infertility, female health problems, High Blood Pressure, Skin & Hair Problems, Epilepsy, Autism, IBS, children health problems, and many other chronic health challenges.

Ayushakti’s herbal remedies have been exported to the U.S.A., Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Russia for the past 26 years.

Ayushakti Ayurved – The Most Trusted Ayurvedic centre

With a vision to transform life on this planet by making the people on it happy, healthy and beautiful through the experience of the world's best Ayurvedic solutions, Ayushakti Ayurved is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, was established in the year 1987.


“We at Ayushakti Ayurved shall work collectively in a professional environment and increase employee participation on all levels in order to achieve the stated quality objectives"


Ayushakti Ayurved has a world class modern manufacturing facility located in Palghar, an industrial town about a hundred kilometers from Mumbai. It measures 10,000 square feet and has very well equipped production facilities with various sections like tablet, liquid, oral ,ointment, creams and dry powder sections and quality control laboratory wherein all production is carried out, complying strictly with GMP norms as per the quality standards of WHO norms.

Ayushakti is certified with:
  • GMP FDA, Maharashtra.
  • NSF –USA - international GMP
  • ISO 9001:2015
Ayushakti is Committed to quality & safety

Each & every batch of herbal remedies produced in the factory which are being
tested in our well-equipped in-house laboratory as well as at the Neotron lab in
Italy for compliance with the W.H.O. norms

Tests includes
  • Heavy Metal contamination
  • Micro-biological analysis for bacteria, fungi and pathogens.
  • Pesticidal residue and aflatoxin on periodically.
  • Products quality is being controlled right from raw material to finished product.
  • Goods stage using very sophisticated instruments that is AAS
    (Analytic Zena, Germany) ,HPTLC ( Camag – Germany )

You may have heard the news reports about a study that detected heavy metals in some imported Ayurvedic products. We have heard from many people asking, Is this true? Do we need to worry?

And the answer is: It is both true and untrue. It can happen that environmental pollutants or contaminants, such as mercury, lead, chromium, arsenic, etc. In the air, find their way into Ayurvedic formulations during the manufacturing process.

You will be very pleased to know, however, that a sample of each batch of Ayushakti herbs is sent from the manufacturing facility to a European laboratory for testing to international standards.

Herbs are released for export to the USA, Europe and Australia only when test results show that the heavy metals content is within regulatory limits prescribed by international authorities. The products sold in India also go through the same quality control parameters.

We have the certificates and full documentation of the process on file.

At our factory, we have all the necessary equipment for removing heavy metals during the manufacturing process and, because of our commitment to serving humanity, we spare no expense of time, money or energy in creating every batch of herbal remedies in their purest form and highest quality.

Vaidya Smita Naram and the Ayushakti team are very conscious of and committed to the safety of all living beings, including all the people who take our remedies. Our mission, our seva, is to be the instrument of Lord Dhanwantari - the Lord of Ayurveda - in bringing true Ayurveda to this planet in the next thirty years. This is our vision and our offering to the “Yagna” - fire of consciousness.

Ayushakti Quality Control and Heavy Metal Testing
Why Ayushakti products are the best in safety, quality and efficacy ?
raw herbs

First gather the raw herbs from the forest an do HPTLC( finger printing) to ensure that the herb collected, has the active componenent required to ensure they give the desired result.

Extracting the herbs

Then they are extracted to make increase their potency and made ten times more effective.I.e 10kg of raw herbs extracted and made to one kg of extract

Testing on HPTLC machine

The final extracts are tested on an HPTLC machine which one is a sophisticated which ensures every batches of the extracts are identical in its active constituents and maintain the uniformity.

Testing on a Atomic Absorption Spectrophoto meter

Every batch of the raw material and finished products are tested on a Atomic Absorption Spectrophoto meter to ensure that they are heavy metal free along with pecticides, fungi, pathogen and microbial count tests to ensure your safety

Testing on a Atomic Absorption Spectrophoto meter

Every batch of the raw material and finished products are tested on a Atomic Absorption Spectrophoto meter to ensure that they are heavy metal free along with pecticides, fungi, pathogen and microbial count tests to ensure your safety

Every product is tested in European laboratory for:

Heavy Metal contamination

Microbiological analysis for bacteria, fungi and pathogens.

Pesticides residue and aflatoxin.

The product’s quality is being controlled right from raw material to the finished goods stage using
very sophisticated instruments like the AAS (Analytic Zena, Germany) & HPTLC (Camag – Germany).

Dr. Smita Pankaj Naram

About Dr. Smita Naram

Dr.Smita Naram’s vision is to Uplift the health of Billions of people on this planet. She shares health tips, kitchen remedy, herbal remedy, marma and detox plans to transform your life. She has spent her life training more than 500+ doctors and practitioners across the world to create the Army of Healers.

Dr.Smita Naram is the founder & owner of Ayushakti Ayurved

Just by checking the pulse of a person or by face-reading, she can detect the physical, emotional & mental state of the person. Skilled in the detox program, she has treated more than 200,000 people with the detox treatments in the last 30 years.

Ayushakti doctors are personally trained by Dr.Smita Naram

She is an Ayurvedic doctor practicing from the last 32 years and personally helped more than 30,00,00 + clients across the world.She is author of the book “Your health in your hand” and has published dozens of research papers in peer reviewed international journals from USA, Europe and UK just to prove the efficacy of ancient healing on modern parameters. She has received many prestigious awards for her work, one of them from Germany- THE KASHYAP AWARD.

Know more about our founder


The "Best Pharmacy Award" of 1996 by the first International Seminar on holistic Medicine in Pune was presented to Ayushakti for its contribution in the propagation of Ayurvedic Medicines for India and Abroad.

The "Best Exporters Award" was presented to Ayushakti Ayurved for its worldwide export by the State Government.

World wellness open university "Lifetime Achievement Award" 2008 for service to mankind.