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Happy Client Says

Ayushaktis Natural treatments transformed my life !
I was experiencing very very severe problems with my body. I had a lot of spasm and twitching. My muscles were going crazy all the time and spontaneous spasms and the neurologist I had gone to test and my conventional doctor said I had ALS. Nobody had any answers and all of a sudden the incredible Dr. Naram and Dr. Smita showed up.
-Jay Abraham, Author and speaker, USA.

My sleep is better, I dont wake up groggy any more
I Lost 15 pounds, I came home much lighter in terms of mental health. I used to have 2 glasses of wine 3 nights a week and used to eat lots of sugar snacks, which I am not doing now either, I sleep through the night very well, earlier I used to wake up groggy and I always wanted to sleep more and now my sleep is better and I have become productive even my attitude has become neutral throughout the day.
-Jack Canfield, Author & motivational speaker, USA

A true believer in Ayurveda, Juhi Chawla depends on this Indian ancient science to keep her family healthy and happy. She has given a basic mantra to her fans, Go back to nature, and nature will heal you. Dr. Smita Naram always presents a wellness mantra for healthy skin based on the principles of Ayurveda and that helps to rejuvenate the mind, soul, and body.
-Juhi Chawla, Actress, India

In addition to everyone turning to Ayurveda during the pandemic, I also think it is a huge advantage that the world is now aware of Ayurveda. That, in my view, is the best approach to detox & cleanse the body of the past 15-18 months It was forbidden to go to the gym, and we ate at home and sat on the couch all day. I put on weight because of it. Being an actor, I was heading back to work. At Ayushakti, I did a 20-day detox program that changed my life. It got my body feeling good, and made me feel happier and healthier. My body felt rejuvenated.
-Dalip Tahil, Actor, India


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