How to overcome chronic fatigue

How to Overcome Fatigue

Mental stress, physical exertion or over exhaustion causes fatigue and low energy in most of the people and hence fatigue is quite a common problem. This is the time to take a well-deserved vacation!

Fatigue can also occur if you live a cosy and comfortable life. In this case, fatigue can be due to boredom or low motivation. The only way to get rid of it is to increase your energy. 

Ojas (immune reserve) in Ayurveda is an abundant source of boundless energy. Ojas generates strength, vitality, immunity, enthusiasm, the stability of mind, nourishment of the mind and much more. The nutrients in our food transform into tissues. The result is ojas, a reserve of pure energy.

People with good ojas do not get tired easily. Low Agni, undernourishment of Dhatus (tissues), mental stress, tension, lack of purpose in life, Aam (toxins) and infections reduces the “Ojas”. 

Ultimately, mental and physical energy is reduced, and you feel fatigued and feel low in energy.

An immediate lifestyle changes to reduce Aam toxins, increasing the digestion (Agni), and nourishing the Ojas (immune power) is especially important to retrieve your energy level and chronic fatigue syndrome

How to Overcome Low Energy?

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To overcome low energy, avoid consuming fried items, fermented and sour food items, raw salads, yoghurt, wheat, and red meat. Avoid old and aged variety of cheese.

Consume more vegetables such as squashes, soft gourds, green leafy vegetables, lentils, brown rice. Make roti/chappati from millets such as ragi, jawari. Whole green mung and mung daal should be taken daily.

Nourishing Smoothie Recipe to increase your energy levels and strength

To increase energy levels and strength, the ingredients of this nourishing smoothie are:

  1.      Figs 2 nos.
  2.      Dates 3 nos.
  3.      Almonds 3 nos.
  4.      Cardamom 2 nos.
  5.      Ripe banana 1 no.
  6.      Ghee 1 tsp.

Soak all ingredients in half a glass of water overnight, excluding ghee and the ripe banana. In the morning, peel off cardamom and almonds. The next step is to deseed the dates. 

Blend all the ingredients including banana and ghee in a blender with half a glass of water and make a fine smoothie. 

Drink this energy smoothie on an empty stomach or after your morning cup of tea or coffee.

  1.      Carrots 4 nos.
  2.      Beetroot 1 no.
  3.      Apple 1 no. 

Prepare a juice using the above ingredients and drink 1-2 glasses every day to improve your immunity thus help you in keeping you focussed and feel happy from within. 

Chewing 1-2 fresh ginger slices before and after every meal improves your appetite and stimulates digestion process. Thus, the absorption of nutrients will be better, and overall energy will increase naturally.  

Low motivation in life can also create fatigue. However, motivation can be stimulated by having a specific purpose in your life. Clarify goals in life and focus all your actions on them. In Ayurveda, herbs like Shatavari, Guduchi, Ashwagandha, Bala are scientifically proven to improve energy, build immunity and provide overall strength. A Change in your lifestyle will remarkably help in getting rid of chronic fatigue and low energy.


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Author of the Blog: Dr. Deepali Shastri

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