Improve Memory Power by this Secret Marma

Improve Memory Power by this Secret Marma .

Ayushakti brings to you Marma points that will Improve Memory Power by 20% to 600%.

This science of memory is so precise that remembering years old events easily!

Doing this one marma point has changed thousands of lives – combined with herbal supplements, a good diet, home remedies, and deep cleansing through “Braintox” detox.

Marma point to improving memory

Press this marma point on the left thumb (2nd metacarpus phalange) as shown in the figure. Press this point correctly and feel an immediate light sensation on the left side of your temporoparietal area.



Benefits :
Practicing this point will help stimulate the mind to remember any incident you would like to recall from the past. Press this marma point a set of 6 times at a time. Repeat 6 sets every day or simply when you want to remember any specific details in your life.

Secret Mantra to Stimulate your Memory by 20 to 600%.

Memory is like a muscle, which planned efforts can develop to any level.

Mantra is a group of words in Sanskrit traditionally practiced to have magical effects from ancient ages.

“Aum Arapachana Dhim Swaahaa”


   Memory Stotra


Direction: West
Day: Thursday
Mala: Rudraksha
Asan: white

Repeat the Mantra 108 Times with memory Marma.

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