Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Hives (Urticaria)

hives treatment at home

An allergic reaction causes urticaria, also known as hives or nettle rash.

Hives appear on the body as red, raised and bothersome skin rash.

The wheals of urticaria might be of various shapes and sizes, yet for the most part, seem to be vexed stings. One crucial characteristic of urticaria is that, although the rash may last for weeks, individual lesions typically vanish in a day or two.

Follow this ayurvedic home remedies to get relief from Hives (urticaria) naturally.

Autoimmunity is the process by which antibodies directed against the patient's cells cause the release of histamine from skin mast cells in some patients with normal chronic urticaria.


Symptoms of Urticaria (Hives):

  • Swellings
  • Wheals, that look like an oval or round rash on the skin 
  • Flares triggered by heat, exercise or stress
  • Symptoms that persist for more than six week and recur often and anytime, sometimes for months or years
  • Extremely itchy.


Ayurvedic treatment for Hives (Urticaria)

  • Ayurvedic herbs such as Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Haridra (Curcuma longa), Neem (Azadirachta indica), Shirish (Albezzia lebbock), and Vasa are better for treating skin conditions and visha (Poisoning). In order to treat hives (Urticaria), they can be used.
  • Urticaria must be treated with Ayurvedic medications and Panchkarma treatments that purify the body of toxins and eliminate dosha.
  • Urticaria can be effectively treated with abhyanga (massage), svedana (fomentation), vaman (induced vomiting), and virechen (induced loose motion).


In ayurveda, urticaria is referred to as "Sheetapitta." Sheeta, which means cold, and pitta, which means hot, are the two words that make up Sheeta-Pitta. As a result, more control over "cold" than "hot" is to blame.


Home Remedies For Hives (Urticaria)

  • To lessen urticaria, a daily dose of 5 to 7 gm of aloe vera pulp, guduchi leaves, or neem leaf paste can be taken.
  • Two to three times per day, mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with a glass of milk or water. It is a best way to boost the body's immunity.
  • Following a 15-minute massage with mustard oil on the skin, take a lukewarm bath.
  • Every morning, mix 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of black pepper powder with 1/2 teaspoon of desi ghee (clarified butter), and take it on an empty stomach. For best results, continue for up to three months.


How to cure Hives Fast?

Keep your salt intake to a minimum and avoid sour foods like yogurt and curd; instead, eat bitter foods like bitter gourd.

  • On the other hand, in this condition, garlic and onion are thought to be beneficial.
  • Keep a food diary to track the connection between a food's type and the appearance of symptoms.
  • Sugar, jaggery, and alcohol are the only sweets that should be avoided.
  • Foods that are incompatible, sour, or heavy and hard to digest should be avoided.
  • Consume fresh, easily digestible foods.
  • Consume cooked bitter gourd, split gram (split legumes), and pomegranate.
  • Honey is preferable to sugar.
  • Fast for a day or consume only light meals like vegetable soup and boiled rice.
  • Try not to fight the urge to vomit.


Ayushakti Herbal Remedy For Hives


Amla and pomegranate Juice 

Step 1: Take a few pomegranates and amlas, and squeeze out half a glass of juice from each.

Step 2: Place both juices in a single glass and thoroughly combine them.

Instruction: At least twice a day, consume this juice. Pomegranate improves blood quality and contains a high concentration of vitamin C in amla. These juices reduce disease risk when consumed on a regular basis. Regularly use this home remedy for hives. One of the natural and effective home remedies for hives is this one.



Hives (urticaria) condition gets worse because of stress. Meditation, yoga, and deep breathing are all great ways to unwind your body and mind. These relieve stress effectively.


The patient should be rushed to a hospital's emergency room if any of the aforementioned symptoms are present as well, including difficulty breathing, vomiting, heart rate fluctuations, or elevated blood pressure.


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