Is your skin itching, breaking out, or acting weird? Not sure what's causing those problems? Do you know there’s a natural way to cure your skin related problem?

Skin is the human body's largest organ and regarded as the mirror of an individual’s inner health. These days due to unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits, we suffer from skin problems like acne, pimples, pigmentation, premature ageing and without proper treatment and being ignorant for a long time, it can lead to major skin disorder like urticarial, dermatitis or psoriasis. Due to which we tend to have lots of misconceptions about skin disorders like it is contagious, don’t spread by touching or contact or will disappear after some time. Being ignorant for a long time makes these people with this disorder go through heavy medication and chemical-based treatment which results in many long term side effects and causes further complications. This results in a lack of confidence in the public area and, which forces them in the state of anxiety to suppress it. It is observed that they returned to natural treatments as their last resort after several failed treatment.

Here’s what German Doctor Jonas has to share his experience about Ayushakti’s “SKINOTOX” treatment for his own Psoriasis problem:

Sometime after I started to work as a medical doctor in the hospital in Germany in 2002, my Psoriasis flared up, very itchy, burning, with red spots and scaling a lot. Mainly my head was affected near the hair, all around my head. In 2003 I started specific Ayushakti’s Ayurvedic herbs & diet. Then, 3 times, I did Skinotox treatment at Ayushakti Mumbai centre and slowly all my symptoms reduced and Psoriasis is 99% gone. Chronic fatigue has also practically gone away completely, and many other issues. Thanks a lot to Ayushakti Ayurveda.  Now I am practising Ayushakti way of treatments for my clients in Germany.”

Ayurveda explanation about the Skin diseases:

Ayurveda has precisely explained the pathogenesis behind chronic skin conditions and how to reverse it.  As per the Ayurveda, skin disease or disorders are known as “Kushta”. It occurs mainly due to high pitta (heat) and often associated with Kapha (plegm) and Vata (air).  Excessive dosha (vital energies) and Aama (toxins) gets absorbed into the blood and spreads all over the body. Especially they pollute tissues like lymph, blood, muscles and skin.  Due to our unhealthy food habits, stress and exposure to chemical and toxins leads to the skin eruption and it might take a long time to heal. Many times, even the Ojas (immune system) is triggered due to toxins. Different skin conditions like Eczema, dermatitis, urticarial, psoriasis etc. are precisely described in “Kushta” chapter.

What is Ayushakti’s approach to reverse any chronic skin condition?

Ayushakti’s skinotox program works by:

  1. Purifying the blood, muscle, lymph and skin tissues and excess dosha.
  2. Balancing the hyperactive immune process.
  3. Regenerate the normal skin.

What does Ayushakti’s Skinotox program include:  

  1. Proven Diet: Avoid fermented, sour and spicy food, dairy products, red meat, fish and gluten (at least wheat). Avoid wrong combinations of foods like milk with fish, milk with salt etc.
  2. Kitchen formula: Take 1 tsp. Haldi (turmeric) powder, ¼ teaspoon Black Pepper with half glass of water twice daily.
  3. Ayushakti herbal formula
  • You can take Skintonic tablet- 2 tablets twice daily. Skin tonic contains special herbs like  Khadira, Daruharidra, Kankola, Vidanga, Mundi and Neem which are remarkable in helping to reduce the pitta (heat), purifies the tissues and helps regenerate new skin as per many research papers published. 
  • Oja's tablet: Immune balancing formula contains herbs like Haridra, Guduchi, shatavari, yashtimadhu are proven immune modulators. They naturally calm down the hyperactive immune system or help create antibodies to fight the infections on the skin as per the need.
  • Detox Panchkarma: Ayushakti has designed a specific Skinotox dynamic detox which includes three steps:
  • First to liquefy and bring excess “dosha and toxins” to the digestive tract.
  • Second to expel these toxins out of the body through purgation.
  • The third is to regenerate new skin through internal and external treatments.

Watch this informative video of Dr Smita Pankaj Naram (Co-Founder of Ayushakti) wherein she has mentioned the easy and effective home remedies to treat skin problems

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Author of the Blog: Dr. Deepali Shastri

Expert Review By: Dr Smita Pankaj Naram

Co-Founder, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd


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