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Controlling Diabetes with minimal diet changes

Just type the word ‘Diabetes’ and the internet will throw up a number of different food lists that will have the usual unhealthy foods on it. With so many different food lists, an individual will obviously get confused on what foods to avoid. However, are such food omissions truly needed to control diabetes? Or is there a way to control diabetes without giving up on all your different food items? Let’s take a look at a Diabetic patient’s case and judge for ourselves.

In 2009, there came a patient, to the Ayushakti Clinic in Mumbai. The patient’s name was Sunderji (name changed) and he was a 50-year old Indian, who had been residing in South Africa since birth. The doctors learned that he had high cholesterol levels and a family history of cholesterol problems. Also, he had high blood sugar levels as his family used to eat food that was rich, sugary, and spicy, in the form of traditional dishes that were native to the Indian Cuisine. On testing his blood sugar, the number came up to 200, which was high considering the fact that blood sugar tests are done when a person has fasted for some required amount of time.

Now, this patient had come to Ayushakti with the purpose of controlling his Diabetes and cholesterol problems.

Now there were a few facts about this person, to consider:

  1. He was a pharmacist himself and he knew about the side effects that come with anti-diabetic and other allopathic medicines
  2. He hadn’t come to Ayushakti on his own, but instead, was there at the insistence of his sister as she had found relief in her Arthritis problem during her treatment at the Ayushakti clinic in Switzerland
  3. He wasn’t willing to change any of his food habits as he had grown up on all the rich and heavy food, and dieting was something that he would never take up

A normal modern medical clinic would have tried to counsel him on his demands, prescribe him expensive medicines and eventually try to coddle him to adopting a special diet of sorts. However, at the moment, he was in one of the most premium Ayurvedic clinics in the world and what the Ayurvedic doctors suggested to him, made him want to check his ears, twice.

The following points were suggested by Ayushakti doctors:-

  1. His health problems were a result of too much ama (toxins) in his system that was blocking the channels
  2. Follow a strict diet for just 4 weeks, continued by detoxification therapies, which would help lower his blood sugar and reduce his tummy
  3. Followed by a diet & Ayushakti herbs that had to be followed for a year. The diet changed only 15% of what he was currently eating

Now here was something that Sunderji wasn’t expecting. Only a 15% change in diet? Would it be enough to help in controlling Diabetes?

The doctor at Ayushakti explained that since he would be following the 4 weeks strict diet and the detoxification plan, the 15% change in his diet would do 80% of the work. Mister Sunderji was overjoyed. Sunderji was a man who had difficulty in controlling his food cravings and therefore wasn’t very enthusiastic about following a full-fledged diet plan that restricted him from tasty and rich food. He was completely adamant about not eating the delicious food prepared by his wife. If he had to just follow a 4-week diet plan in a year and eat 85% of his regular diet, for the remaining 11 months, he would just be the happiest person alive. Thanks to the power of Ayurveda, along with the 27 years of research at Ayushakti that brought this treatment plan into existence, Sunderji could now eat what he wanted (most of it) and lead a healthy life at the same time.

Till date, Sunderji comes to Ayushakti, every 2-3 years, to get his detoxification done. Due to the dietary changes and the regular herbs suggested by the Ayushakti doctor, Sunderji now looks fit, young, and has his cholesterol and sugar levels in check.

This is how an individual succeeded in controlling Diabetes while still eating the foods in his regular diet. However, a word of caution would be advised to you, the reader, that not everyone can get to eat what they want, if suffering from Diabetes. In Ayurveda, each treatment plan is personalized for the individual. A treatment plan for one person may not work for the other. Also, avoiding any change in your food habits shouldn’t be the goal, while controlling diabetes. Instead, getting treated from an authentic Ayurved clinic like Ayushakti and putting faith into their doctors and healing programs would be the best route.





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