Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility In Men

Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility In Men

Our modern-day stressful lifestyle not only takes a toll on our heart health, but it also affects fertility. It is estimated that Approx 60 – 80 million couples suffer from infertility globally and out of which 15 – 20 million are from India. A couple is considered infertile if they are unable to conceive over 2 years from constant trying. Although 10% of all infertility cases are deemed unexplained, a staggering 90% of cases arise due to lifestyle disorders such as PCOS/PCOD, obesity, etc, and declining quality of eggs in females. However, today infertility is no longer only a female disorder. The male partner, too, may be equally accountable in some cases of infertility. In every 100 couples, 40 percent of the males suffer from infertility.

There are several reasons why the male partner may suffer from infertility, ranging from poor quality of sperm, sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, testicular atrophy, obstruction in the sperm pathway, etc. Sperm production problem is one of the most common male infertility problems. Other reasons include low sperm motility, varicocelle in testes, sexual problems such as difficulty in ejaculation, or erection issues that may prevent couples from conceiving.

According to Ayurveda, lots of heat burns the sperm and reduces the sperm count.

Too many toxins of Aama (mucus) and fat create a blockage in the tubes where sperm are produced or transported to the penis.

How to improve fertility through diet and lifestyle?


  1. Avoid heavy foods like maida, deep-fried and spicy food, red meat. This causes low digestion and produces "Aama" toxins which block veins causing varicose veins.
  2. Sour spicy and fermented foods increase heat in the body. Avoid them.

Life style

  1. Never keep a mobile phone in the pocket of your trousers. In Ayushakti clinics, we have seen in several clients that just by not keeping mobile phone in the pocket of trouser (i.e. close to the testis) sperm count increases.
  2. Wearing very tight and nylon undergarments produce heat which gradually kills or reduces the sperm count. Try to avoid all of them.

What are the home remedies to boost your stamina and fertility?

Home remedy to Boost Stamina and Fertility

  1. 30 gms of Udad dal (black gram) in any form to be eaten every day.
  2. Eat three fresh Amla (Mirobalan fruit) daily
  3. 3 dates – fill ¼ teaspoon of cow's ghee in each date and eat on empty stomach daily morning.

Ayushakti's Infertox treatment – A new ray of hope for couples to become parents

Infertox is a complete infertility ayurvedic treatment plan for males and females who are suffering from infertility. Be it PCOS, Fibroid, habitual abortion, tube block and endometriosis in females or low sperm count, low motility or varicocele in males, or any unknown reason for infertility.

Infertox is a 3-4 weeks detox treatments which focus on cleaning the toxins, removing blockages in the reproductive tissues and nourishing and rejuvenating the reproductive system in both male and female. Further continuing the herbal remedies and diet plans remarkably help to take place the conception.

Infertility is one of the major issues of modern-day lifestyle and due to the sensitive nature of this disorder, many couples prefer not to communicate their problem and suffer in silence at early stages. Coupled with it, if the reason is male infertility, the concern is further suppressed due to embarrassment and shame. Only after a long period, many couples opt for assisted reproductive treatment to fulfill their wish of having a baby. Seeking help in time will help millions of couples to purge mental distress and have a happy and complete family.

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Author of the Blog: Dr. Deepali Shastri

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