Strengthen your Immunity with Ayurvedic formulation from experts!

Strengthen your Immunity

Rejuvenate, refresh, and boost your body and mind with the advanced Ayushakti’s immunity enhancer D-Vyro.
Do you suffer from seasonal colds and cough a lot? Do the recurring seasonal allergies, stuffy nose and headaches bother you? If yes, you need to boost your immune system for sure, and nothing can be better than a herbal immune booster.

Why boosting immunity is crucial, and why choose Ayurveda?

A healthy immune system creates a strong wall and stops antigens and viruses from entering the body. Besides, with a healthy immune system, your body gets the power to destroy foreign substances, which is why building immunity is essential. Further, With the world fighting against an infection of the Novel Coronavirus, and no medical treatment available for it, the only thing that can help make your body powerful enough to fight diseases is a natural immunity booster.

Ayurvedic medicines are the one-stop herbal solution for sustainable weight loss.

Ayurvedic products are 100% chemical-free, are filled with ingredients having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and are safe to use - that is enough for it to be worthy of giving it a try. Ayushakti’s Ayurvedic experts believe that robust metabolism, better digestive system, healthy hormonal, and liver functions result in a better immune system that can help your body fight diseases like a pro. Besides, Ayurvedic health supplements like Ayushakti’s immunity enhancer D-Vyro is a tried and tested solution that is a powerful blend of supplements that possesses immune-boosting properties that improves your overall health and well-being. Additionally, some lifestyle changes and simple Ayurvedic foods, along with an Ayurvedic immunity booster, can help kick-start your immune system effortlessly.

How? Just take a look.

Ayurvedic herbs  for robust immunity along with immunity booster Ayurvedic medicine

Weak immunity is generally a result of an unhealthy or poor diet. If your meals are not nutritionally balanced or you suffer from food allergies and eating disorders, then over-time your immune system weakens. Immunity-boosting Ayurveda foods like peaches and pomegranates have medical benefits and can cure digestive disorders, sore throat, infection, osteoarthritis, chronic cough, etc. Besides, Dadim fal twak ghana (Punica granatum), a Sanskrit name for pomegranate, is also an ingredient used in Ayushakti’s immunity enhancer D-Vyro for boosting immunity naturally.

Further, studies show that excessive alcohol intake, dehydration, junk food intake can weaken immune systems over time, and a bitter-tasting Kalmegh plant leave can come to your rescue here. You may have heard this name from your grandmother’s mouth. It is an essential ingredient in age-old remedies for fighting upper respiratory tract infection and getting rid of toxins from the digestive system. Besides, Kalmegh plant leaf has the power of healing your body and is a powerful antioxidant that promotes anti-inflammatory activity and helps you get rid of the nasty cold and cough that worries you every season. The best immune booster D-Vyro has Kalmegh ghana (Kalmegh plant leave), too, if you cannot deal with the bitterness of the Kalmegh syrup in the morning.

Watch this video to know how you can improve your immunity naturally with Ayurveda 

Tulsi, liquorice powder, Chirayta, and spices like turmeric & black pepper are some of the best immunity-boosting foods in Ayurveda, which are anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic substances, and can keep your respiratory tract healthy. Fortunately, some of these components are present in Ayushakti’s immunity enhancer D-Vyro, making it an apt Ayurvedic immunity booster.

Why is D-Vyro the best Ayurvedic immunity booster to improve your overall health?

No cons and only amazing pros, D-Vyro has no side effects like the harsh allopathic medicines. It is an Ayurvedic medicine to boost immunity that guarantees to enhance stamina and stave off the recurrences of any allergies and infections. Surprisingly, it has a formula that takes care of your respiratory health like an expert physician. Therefore, it’s a smart solution for those who are looking for restoring immunity to keep infections at bay.

So why wait?

Take one step for unbeatable immunity

D Vyro

Ayushakti's Immunity Enhancer Kit is clinically proven for strengthening your immunity and protect you from any kind of Viral Infections like Cold and Cough. A Double-blind Peer-reviewed International Research published by Global Journal of Medicine and Research states that Swasavin D-Vyro is the best Immunomodulator, Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant.

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Author of the Blog: Dr. Archana Singh

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