10 things you should eat when you are on your periods

“God made girls have monthly periods and give birth because he knew guys weren’t strong enough to handle it.” Every girl goes through this painful time and it's one of the most annoying things that ever existed. But there is always a brighter side to this. Here we will look at 10 things you should eat when you're on periods, and NO ice cream is not one of them. You’re a grown-ass woman who’s been getting her period for a long-ass time. And yet… Every month you’re thrown off guard with cramps, bloating, fatigue, cravings and a generally sour mood (thanks to the aforementioned physical pains). Next month, reach for one of these nine foods, which have been proven to ease some of the not-so-pleasant side effects of being a lady.

  1. Leafy Greens: they are filled with iron and very rich in nutrients that your body needs when it’s on its cycle. Having a small salad one in a day will give your body the iron and nutrients it needs.  However, be careful not to overeat a lot of greens as that might lead to bloating.
  2. Fish: Tuna and salmon are rich with omega 3’s and other acids that are very useful to relax your muscles in your body and help with the cramps.
  3. Banana’s: As it contains a lot of potassium, it helps boost your mood. It also contains B6 and other vitamins, this helps the blood.
  4. Legumes: Exactly like greens, beans are a good source of iron and are quick to restore your body balance. You should monitor how much you eat as it gives you gas and can also lead to bloating.
  5. Jaggery: Jaggery is rich in many minerals which makes it effective for treating menstrual problems and relief from cramps. A small piece of jaggery everyday releases endorphins in our bodies which relaxes the body
  6. Dates: Dates are a source of antioxidants. They help our body to cope with inflammations, stress, toxins and boost metabolism and energy.
  7. Nuts and Seeds: They may look small, however, they are loaded with nutrients that are good for your body. You should be a bit careful that many of them are salted and can lead to water retention, this can cause a crash in sugar. Pick up raw ones rather than processed.
  8. Fruits: as much as we tell you to avoid sugar while on your periods fruits are an exception. Natural sugar instead of processed sugar is always better. Plums, figs and fibre-rich fruits will help you reach a balance in your body.
  9. Tea: Tea is a lifesaver. Yes, you should stay away from caffeine since it leads to discomfort during menstruation. However, Chamomile tea contains properties that can relieve you from muscle spasm and also helps reduce tension. To get a bit of relief from nausea, bloating ginger tea is the best solution.
  10. Lots of Calcium: yoghurt helps indigestion, it is also a very good source of calcium, which can give you ease and reduce the discomfort.

I know, having your period can be no fun, but instead of accepting the fact you will have a tough week, you can make a few small changes to make it easier on yourself. Your body is an amazing thing, and it’s incredible how it will respond if you put the right things in it. Periods can be a pain sometimes yet, we as girls have to be extremely thankful that we go through this. Yes, the guys can’t handle it, but without us, there will be no life on earth.

So don’t worry about the pain and keep in mind the few tips to be kept in mind while on your periods. It will not just help you, but it will make your periods not another week in the month where you can lose your heads and be on your drastic mood swings but the time you can pass like any other day.  As said before, the core of self- care is learning to listen. Allowing yourself more downtime around your period is a gift that you can give to yourself. It helps you not to become worn down and exhausted. Stay active so that the pain never catches up to you.

Given that menstrual cycles are among the most normal, healthy human physical functions of the female body, it's as simply one aspect or repetition of perfectly normal human experience, rather than abnormal. When we see it this way, we might start to notice how a burst of originality or a thoughtful mood might be related to where we are in our cycle, possibly even in a positive way.

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Author of the Blog: Dr. Ramchandra Konduskar

Expert Review By: Dr Smita Pankaj Naram

Co-Founder, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd


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