Ayushakti’s Proven Diet to Fight Fibroid

Ayushakti’s Proven Diet  to Fight Fibroid

Fibroids can be reversed with a systematic diet plan. Here is a proven cleansing diet to help improve your metabolism, relieve inflammation and promote your gut health.  Thus naturally, you can reduce the size of fibroids and lose bodyweight significantly, which is very important in treating Fibroids.

  1. Completely Avoid
  • High-fat dairy products, red meat, processed meat, wheat, white flour, bread, pasta, refined sugar, tea, coffee, soft drinks, canned juices, deep-fried foods, fried sausages, yogurt, tomatoes, heavy beans, kidney beans.
  • If you take these foods regularly, it will aggravate the imbalances in muscle tissues, and fibroid size may increase.   
  1. Eat More Of 
  • Your food should have 60% vegetables, 30% proteins 
    • Load your plate with cooked vegetables such as zucchini, broccoli, squashes, asparagus, whole green mung and mung daal, cabbage, bok choy, kale, turnip, watercress, radish,  sprouts, garlic.  Beets, carrots, and Artichoke help detoxify the blood.  
    • Whole grains like rye, oats, barley and brown rice can help reduce excess growth.
    • Berries are excellent tonics that help prevent cell damage.  
    • Papaya, if eaten fasting is really effective to combat fibroids. 
    • Spice up your foods with thyme, oregano, rosemary, ginger, black pepper, garlic, cinnamon to improve digestion.
    • Daily drink at least 10 glasses of water that support the cleansing process.
    1. 10 Days Detox Diet Every Month 

    Following the detox diet for 10 days every month for the next six months significantly reduces  Fibroid size steadily and also you can effectively lose 2 to 5 kg. body weight naturally. Go for it from today itself.

    • A Powerful Detox diet plan of 10 days for weight loss, control of high blood pressure, high cholesterol & hormone balancing.

    • 11th day onwards, return to regular Fibroid diet. You will be amazed to see the big difference in terms of reduced weight, improved energy and focus, reduced joint stiffness, balanced hormones, regularized menstrual cycle, and many more health benefits for the long term. 
    1. Lifestyle Changes Help


    • Fasting once a week with warm ginger water.
    • Running or walking exercise for 30 minutes.
    • Practice yoga – anulom vilom pranayama, kapalbhati, uttanasana (camel pose)


    • Avoid daytime sleep
    • Sedentary lifestyle
    • Avoid sustaining natural urges

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    A fibroid is a benign growth and is non-cancerous.  If you have multiple fibroids sized more than 2-3 CM, you may experience miscarriages, difficulty in conceiving, etc.  

    Consult an Ayushakti doctor to reverse your Fibroid problem


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Author of the Blog: Dr. Rajeshri Mehta

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