Ayurveda Guide for Your Infant’s Best Health!

Ayurveda Guide for Your Infant’s Best Health!

Motherhood is a significant responsibility that the new mother endeavors to comprehend. We shouldn't compress the moms with such considerations—practice Ayurveda guides for your infant's best health from their initial growing phase.


"The child should feed on mother's milk for the initial half a year." Everybody knows this!


In any case, nobody guides you for the next half year! When they are around a half-year-old, mother's milk won't be sufficient to survive.


So, what are the ideal choices for taking care of the baby? Would it be a good idea for you to feed powdered or cow milk to your baby?


Ancient Ayurveda 'Kashyap Samhita' refers to the phases of a child's life on-premise food they eat.


1. Kshirap Stage

Kshirap Stage is approximately from birth to a half-year-old, when a child is just on milk (kshir). So the initial half-year child ought to be entirely on milk. Mother's milk is most certainly the best source; however, if the mother can't take care of the child, there are different wellsprings of milk like cow, bison, goat, and so forth. These days formula milk is additionally accessible. 


2. Kshirannada Stage

Kshirannada stage consists of kshir(milk) and anna (solids), following a half year of child's age and may last up to 18 to 2 years. During this time, milk should be the child's main feast, yet different solids should be introduced to them. Initially, start with a fluid eating routine, then the semisolids, and finally the solids. Food sources include organic product juices, vegetable and lentil soups, ragi porridge, wheat, suji, rice slop, and ultimately delicate and all-around cooked rice.


3. Annada Stage

Annada stage follows 18 to two years when the child is on solid food as her primary eating regimen. This is the age when she generally begins her proactive tasks. Additionally, her tutoring, communication with companions, and so on starts, so she wants a parcel of energy. She ought to be given all grains, beats, vegetables, and natural products to be solid. After 2 years, non-veg lovers' food can be progressively acquainted with the child relying upon her preferences.


It's expected and regular for children to avoid new food varieties. Ensure your little one eats with the remainder of the family at supper time. Children advance by watching, and by watching their folks and kin eating and partaking in a wide assortment of food varieties, your baby is bound to check them out too. This is significant because exploration shows that presenting children with a collection of flavors and surfaces sets them up for better well-being later.

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