10 Ayurvedic Herbs for Kidney Detox

kidney detox ayurveda

The renal system can be strengthened and rejuvenated by many effective herbs.

There are many different ways that toxins can enter the body and build up, such as through unhealthy foods, cosmetics, stress, and environmental pollution. The human body is endowed by nature with unique systems for managing and eliminating toxins, but there is a limit to these systems.

It is difficult for the already overburdened excretory system to effectively eliminate toxins when people make poor dietary choices, experience stress, and lead unhealthy lifestyles. Toxins thus accumulate in the body and cause health issues. Toxin accumulation in the kidneys results in kidney stones, renal failure, blood and protein in the urine, high urea levels, and many other issues.

Fortunately, Ayurveda can help. Several effective herbs can treat kidney problems and strengthen and rejuvenate the renal system.

Ten of the most frequently prescribed herbs for renal health are listed below.


PLEASE NOTE: Kindly don't self-cure with these herbs. If you have kidney problems, you should consult Ayushakti’s expert before starting with any home remedies.

1. Triphala

Triphala is a blend of three essential rejuvenating herbs that enhance all-natural kidney functions. It strengthens the kidneys and liver, the body's two main excretory organs.

2. Ginger

Ginger has been used for centuries to remove toxins from the body. It clears the liver and kidneys of toxins—Ginger's anti-inflammatory properties aid in reducing infection-related kidney swelling and pain. Ginger reduces inflammation and good for your kidneys.

3. Punarnava 

Ayurveda prescribes punarnava, a natural diuretic, for micturition and other urinary issues. Additionally, it has rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties. Punarnava can be taken daily to maintain healthy kidney function.

4. Palash

Palash is a tree with flowers that are either bright red or orange. These flowers have a cool amount of power and help regulate urine flow. It is likewise extremely supportive in easing the consuming sensation during peeing.

5.  Coriander 

Coriander has a calming effect on the body. It helps alleviate the burning sensation that occurs when passing urine. It treats bladder and ureter infections. As a natural diuretic, it also maintains kidney health.

6. Turmeric 

Turmeric treats infections, renal failure, and low urine volume. It helps heal kidney cysts, reduces swelling, prevents the formation of kidney stones, and lowers the risk of infections.

7. Gokshura 

The bark of the Gokshura tree is an excellent herb for relieving the burning sensation experienced when urinating and other urinary tract infections. Gokshura bark regulates urine flow and has been used for centuries to get rid of kidney stones.

8. Gudduchi 

Gudduchi has astringent property which makes it an effective herb for treating urinary issues. Guduchi can be taken by people who have trouble passing urine under the supervision of a doctor.

9. Varuna 

Varuna is a natural diuretic that effectively treats kidney stones and other kidney disorders. It encourages regular urination. Additionally, it strengthens the mutra-vaha strota's function and purifies the blood.

10. Chandan

Chandan or Sandalwood has two valuable properties — keeping your body cool and battling microorganisms. Because of this, Chandan sherbet is suggested for UTIs and pain during urine passing. The natural antimicrobial properties of sandalwood alleviate kidney infections.


Kidney diseases are silent killers that significantly impact the quality of life once they occur. However, if you want to keep your kidneys in good shape, there are many ways to lower your risk of developing these conditions.


Hydration is the key to Healthy Kidneys:

Maintain a healthy fluid intake of at least 1.5 to 2 liters daily to stay hydrated. A significantly lower risk of developing kidney diseases can be achieved by drinking a lot of fluids, which aid the kidneys in eliminating sodium, urea, and toxins from the body. Nonetheless, excessive utilization of liquids can cause aftereffects, compelling the kidneys to overwork, separating the abundance of poisons.

Control Your Blood Pressure and Sugar Levels Naturally with Ayurveda:

Kidney damage is likely to occur when diabetes, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular diseases are combined with high blood pressure. Though there is a link between high blood pressure and a heart attack or stroke risk, few people know kidney damage is the most common cause. As a result, getting regular checkups helps understand how the kidneys work and reduce the risk of kidney damage.


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Proper Diet To maintain a healthy weight and kidney function
  • Eat a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet rich in fibrous vegetables and fruits. 
  • Less than 2,300 milligrams (mg) per day of sodium is the recommended intake for a person.
  • Choose a diet low in protein rather than high in protein because it may put more pressure on the kidneys. 
  • Eating superfoods like apples, grapes, blueberries, garlic, and cabbage ensures kidney health. It is recommended to consume Amla juice to eliminate toxins and prevent kidney stones.


Kidney Detox Ayurveda suggests cleansing the kidneys and urinary tract regularly to lower ama levels. Diuretic herbs like Brahmi, Punarnava, Varuna, Parsley, and Celery also help flush the kidneys and urinary tract. You can make an herbal tea by boiling any of these herbs in 2 cups of water and letting them steep for 15 minutes

  • Patients with kidney disease benefit from drinking pomegranate juice, which is high antioxidants, improves cardiovascular health, and eliminates free radicals.
  • Licorice can be used to stimulate kidney function in the form of candy, powder, or herbal tea.
  • Beetroot can be cooked until it becomes soft in a saucepan. The liquid should be blended, strained, and consumed daily.
  • Consume one tablespoon of tulsi leaves and one tablespoon of honey every morning for approximately five to six months.
  • Take a sip of salty, peppery tomato juice to start your day. It is beneficial for kidney failure patients.
  • Drink coconut water everyday.


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Your kidneys will stay healthy if you follow the simple but effective methods mentioned above. Get your kidneys checked out as soon as possible by an Ayurvedic physician if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, are overweight, or any family members have kidney-related conditions.

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